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    I haven’t been using Mantra or WordPress long. I have a regular blog at the moment, but I wanted to add new page where I could post other people’s stories. I wanted to know if it was possible to do a series of posts that would look like the main blog but wouldn’t be part of it. The page I’d like to do this on is called “Stories”. My website is

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  • Hi,

    I am using mantra theme for my web site.
    I setup almost everything, just I can’t find how can i
    associate post category with specific page.

    My idea is to have 5 pages with some short intro, and to each of these pages I need to associate different post category(with similar names) to display below.

    Any idea ? Any plugin ?



    Mantra has a page template for this. Create the page with the same title as the posts category and set the page template to “category page with template.” I use this option on several pages of my site, example here:

    I’m sorry to be slow, but how do I set the page template? Do I edit the php in the editor? Thanks for your help, by the way. I’m learning as I go.

    gabewithafender. no editing of php is necessary. Go into Edit on the page you want to send your posts to and on the right you should see the Page Attributes box. The first drop down is “Parent”, the second drop down is “Template”. You want to set that one to “Category page with intro”. What you then need to do is ensure that the slug for the page is the same as your post category. I had to use the slug “name” (which you set in Settings/Permalink” from the Dashboard) and modify my page slugs to match the post category to get it to work.

    With “Category page with into” you can put some static text in there which will appear at the top of the page, followed by the posts.

    bfagan and jtlepage, thank you so much! It worked great! I appreciate you taking it slow for me, I’m still learning 😉

    bfagan: Thanks for finally explaining how the “Category page with intro” template actually works. I love the Mantra theme and use it on 2 of my sites, but I don’t like how the “Category page with intro” works. (It took over a week to find your post here that explains it.) Since the name of the page you want everything in a category to be posted to has to be the same as the slug for the category it means all pages either have to have one word names or you have to put dashes or underlines in the name of pages because slugs can’t have spaces in them. That’s unacceptable. Fortunately there is a way around it. I’ve installed the “list-category-posts” plugin and add the shortcode ( [catlist id=number numberposts=-1 orderby=”title” order=”asc” excerpt=”yes” excerpt_size=100 post_type=”any”] ) to the bottom of the page I want to serve as the display page for that category and it works the way you expect. (Would be nice to not have to lookup the category id number everytime you post something, but so be it.)

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