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  • Last wednesday my teacher presented a challenge for our class.
    We would get into groups of 5, start with only $5 of seed money and have 14 days to make as much money as possible. We could use existing resources for the project.

    I let everyone in our group speak first, and we didnt have any great ideas (selling bottled water from costco @ a high markup) so I put up the idea about making a wordpress site and putting some banners up. and we came up with this:
    It took a little longer than expected to get it up, but we just finished it today. We still have another 7 days and alot more phones to add plus other cool things for the site. But its mostly ready.

    We are trying to document everything and post each step so that someone else can do the same thing we are doing. This should hopefully uncover the beauty of wordpress to people outside of the blogging/tech community because we are emailing the site to mostly our friends/family and fellow school classmates.

    If anyone wants to volunteer to help the site, that would be great!

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