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  • Here is a site in development for my band, Broken Machines. We are based out of Atlanta.

    I initially only wanted to use wordpress to display the news page, but I figured I might as well let wordpress run the show. Could we be be the only rock band with a website aiming for standards and not flashy um, Flash?

    All comments welcome.

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  • Nice simple site 🙂 Will gain from having more content 🙂

    If you’re heading for standards compliance, you have still some work to do.

    You dont’ have a h1, for starters… You ought to.

    Some of your images really would gain by not being background images, and having some alternate text, though using background images + regular header might also do the trick.

    As a visitor to the site, I think that having a photo of the band on the front page would be attractive.

    You have a “login/register” function, but why should I, as a visitor, register to yet another site? What’s in it for me? make it clear 🙂

    Just my two cents from looking at the site very very briefly.

    Good comments. I know I have a lot of accessibility work to do… And yeah, I’m working on the content. It’s only been up a day, but excuses, excuses.

    I’m not really clear why some images being background images matters. Could you explain why this is an issue?

    I’ll heed your advice none-the-less!

    well, generally speaking, background images are actually good, if they are just “decoration”, in that you don’t really need to present them to non-sighted visitors, or those who surf without images.

    However, I feel that at least your image that says “broken machines” with the logo actually does bring something. Though if you kept the image as a background image, and added a h1 that said “broken machines” or something like that, you’d be good to go I think.

    The alternative is that instead of displaying the logo as a background image, you could display it as a regular image, which then allows you to use the alt text attribute of the img tag.

    YOu may also want to run your site through the w3c’s validator, you have about a dozen errors 🙂


    I am also running my bands site on wp.
    digging the color scheme is where to see ours

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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