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  • Hey all,
    Im would like a review of my WordPress powered blog
    We started this blog as an initiative for world peace. To join the movement, or to help us blog, register.
    But most of all, I would like a review by you guys on how the blog looks, feels, and what more should I add/remove.


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  • Sorry, what are you trying to accomplish? Epilepsy awareness?

    Your assesment of Kevin Carter is also misguided and infair.

    Your blog needs a point, a goal, an action…

    I don’t have a clue what the point of your blog is, besides some kind of superficial, self-righteous, hypocritical rant.

    If you dare chastise someone for not doing something, yet you do the very same thing, you are not on the same level as the person who you chastise, you are far below because you are also a hypocrite.

    If you care so much about the children, enough to try and turn the tragedy of a suicide into some rallying call for your manic rants, then why would you not sell your computer, you home, your car, everything to send money to feed these children? (See my first paragraph for the answer). Perhaps heed your own lecture…

    “Why can’t he just have given the baby some food? A piece of bread? A drop of water? The baby would have been saved…?

    There are many more babies just like that, so don’t be an armchair “humanitarian? and point your finger of blame at someone else who is doing the same as you.

    Enough about that, my review on your site: the colour scheme is very flat, yet too busy with the clashing colours, you have no defined subject matter for your blog and everything is crushed into far too small of a column. Spread it out, adjust the positioning and make the content have some sort of flow.

    hehe i like… i guess u could call this a hippie site ahaha thats not meant to be a bad thing though btw lol

    Hey cool it. Here are my answers –
    >I AM NOT A ARMCHAIR activist for your information! I DO social and community charity works. Who did you think I am? A stupid blogger just trying to make some money??? Im an executive member of the school Interact Club. We do charitable deeds. So far, we have rescued about 189 babies from starvation!We sponser the education of about 200 children, like us, and we distribute food, clothing etc every month to the needy and shelters!
    We conduct picnics for orphanages etc. Like I said, I have first hadn experience in these stuff. Of course, I have posted a highly brutal side of Carter, but hinestly, if it were me, I would pick up the baby and deliver it to the food camp!I say this because I HAVE DONE this a couple of times yes! I have saved a couple of 2 year old kids abandoned downtown by measly beggars!

    >I DO have an aim. My aim is worldwide peace. Yeah, laugh. I know what you’r thinking – “This fat ass 16 year old thinks he can save the world by posting rubbish!”
    Well, for your information, thats EXACTLY what I plan to do! I havnt yet launched an about page ‘coz the blog is only developing. And I have a few members to join the cause already!

    And what do you mean by saying my content is too flat? And my colours are flashing? (I refrain from cursing your blog, since one must practice what he preaches)

    And please be aware of the fact that you shouldnt be adopting that tone of writing with me. Get too far with writing, and you get a first hand report published in any of the major Indian english newspapers about a “highly baised and demented” blog run by a “demented old fool” nicknamed niziol. Though Im only 16, Im a freelance for most of the newspapers in India. Most if them value my articles, and almost any review/article I send is a sure post in the Sunday edition! You can choose, Times of India, The Indian Express, The Hindu etc… 🙂 So be more polite on the net, especially to fellow bloggers.


    Being a “demented old fool?, at only 23, I must say I look forward to reading about myself in “major Indian English newspapers?. Being the media whore that I am, I would simply relish the attention, so I do look forward to you posting a link here to your articles about a “highly baised [sic] and demented” individual. India, being approximately 12 hours ahead of CST, I will expect that link posted here bright and early next Sunday morning.

    The fact that you would take a powerful, agonizing image, one which embodies the selfishness of humanity in allowing any living creature (especially a member of our own human family) to endure such unmitigated misery, and then adding to that using the suicide of another member of our family, to lift yourself up, to make yourself appear as the one whose ideals are good and just is absolutely repulsive to me. That is what is most unpalatable, that is what is wrong with your blog.

    If you truly had the intentions you claim to, you would not be using that suffering the way you do, you would be shedding tears equally for the innocence of the child in that photo and for the agony of the man behind it, who may have taken his own life so that the blood he saw on his hands might be washed away. One can either point the finger of blame or one can extend their hand, in forgiveness and make what is wrong into what is right.

    Do let me know when you’ve put away your finger and have put out your hand.




    This is going nowhere. Feel free to carry the conversation on at your blogs. Lets keep the forums focused on WordPress-related issues.

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