• Thank you for your work and efforts on this plugin. I think meets a need. However, it doesn´t feel quite ready yet.
    In the settings: Page to show, you may choose between one of your pages on the website (but it does only show the home page) or choose Coming Soon settings below.
    But those settings below does not contain any options for text content. You can´t write a message in the Coming Soon mode. At least as far as I can see. It will only take the name of the site as the message. Nothing more.
    And if you choose an existing page it will show the full homepage, as said. Then the point with a coming soon page is lost.
    If it would show a special page without the header, the navigation, and the footer, it might work.
    In Coming Soon mode I think it needs a message option and some way to edit CSS for the message.
    I tried Genesis Coming Soon in a multisite environment. And it worked. And I would like to see the options described added to this plugin. Then it will compete with more elaborate solutions that are mainly not free.

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  • Plugin Author Jose Manuel Sanchez


    Thank YOU for trying the plugin and taking the time to review it. However, I am a bit surprised about your comments. The features you describe as missing are part of the plugin and they are working correctly in all my tests. I will be happy to help you find any issues that prevent the plugin to work as it should.

    First. The settings page should look like this:


    If it doesn’t, we probably have some compatibility issues. Please deactivate all other plugins and activate the Genesis Sample Child Theme. If that fixes the problem, we would need to check which plugin is blocking the settings page.
    Once the settings page looks like the image above, we can start setting up the plugin. Please try it without any additional plugins activated.

    Page to Show:

    Selecting a page here, will show THAT page to every visitor. It will include the header, footer, sidebars, etc. You can create a Template Page in you theme and hide the header, footer, and any other parts you don’t want the visitors to see. The plugin will not change that page, but only redirect any visitor to it.

    Unless you have some special instructions on your HTACCESS file or some kind of redirection plugin installed, this should work fine.

    For the rest of the settings to work, you must select Coming Soon Settings Below.


    The next section has three fields; Logo, Headline and Message. The Message field is where you can put any text you want to show on you Coming Soon Page. You can even put JavaScript there. I have pasted code from MailChimp and GetResponse to include a Sign-Up Form (with some extra CSS).

    If you can’t see the Message field or if the editor is not working, make sure you have the latest version of the plugin installed. We did have a problem with the editor in one of our first releases, but it was fix at that time.

    Be aware that the plugin calls your theme’s functions.php file and any other CSS or JS you use in you theme. There have been times where the styles.css file affects the Coming Soon page, especially when using CSS for all elements (H1, P, IMG). Make sure this is not happening to you.

    I hope this helps, but feel free to contact me again if you keep having problems. Unfortunately, I can’t do more unless I have access to your site.

    Thread Starter kaarlo


    Thank you, Jose,
    A great and comprehensive answer. And it is obvious that something has bugged here and interrupted a correct behavior. Because my settings page did not have a message area, either a CSS area neither. Maybe other differences also.

    I tried your plugin in a multisite setup. Maybe that could affect the outcome as well. But you gave many good suggestions that I will look into further on. I am sorry that I just now is occupied with other stuff. But I will come back and comment when I have found the cause. Then I will also correct my rating with the stars. Because I really like your idea with this plugin. It should almost have been a part of the Genesis development environment.

    Plugin Author Jose Manuel Sanchez



    I really don’t think the multisite setup is affecting the plugin. I personally use it in some multisite installs.

    If you have the time, I would really appreciate you getting back and posting what the problem was so I can try to fix any compatibility issues.


    Thread Starter kaarlo


    I will look into this again at next week. Now afterward I think I had another coming-soon-plugin active in the network, but not used on the actual site where I did use yours. However, it was maybe active in the network. Therefore the IgniteUp plugin might have been the culprit this time. But I will make a test on an ordinary single site next week.

    All the best.

    Thread Starter kaarlo


    Time goes by quickly when busy. Now, I have used your plugin again on a Genesis site. It worked pretty much as I expected. However, I made a very simple coming-soon-page with a colored background and a text within a white box.

    I also tested the shortcode from Contact Form 7, and it worked even if the CSS should be tweaked for a nice result. This can be done within your plugin.

    I noticed also that there were presets of font combinations to choose from, which is nice. That will speed up the delivery of a coming-soon-page.

    I like this plugin and I appreciate it doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles. It will do its job in a straightforward way. It is a good companion to any Genesis-site.

    As I couldn’t add stars to my former review I must say I now would gladly add more stars to a full score.

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