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  • Plug-in functions :
    1. Each theme Automatic Generation
    2 cache static html. According to the time line set background Automatic Update
    3 cache. so that each using the default wordpress site visit a particular theme, the system automatically update cache
    4. initial use can be generated manually in the background html cache
    5. html document visit Under the background of the use of ajax automatic determine whether you need to update cache 6. control using ajax comment form, Auto Login done to determine whether

    the purpose of this plug-in is : I was lazy! Therefore, to achieve the set background, can not control automatic generation html cache, the theme changes, the system automatically updates html cache!

    Installation :
    1. decompress files to the directory of your wp-content/plugins
    2. enter wordpre ss background in plugins menu activation aReal – Html – Cahce
    3. In optio ns sub-menu will see aReal – Html – Cahce Click for setting up access!
    4. When you set a timeline time lines can be manually generated html documents, When someone visits your page when a system will automatically generate html
    5.html storage directory is a relative word press the root directory, for example, can set : html / [year]

    with the support of friends about it!


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