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  • Hi there,

    I’m an old user, and am now onto as I’m hosting externally through HostGator as I’m intending on using “Elegant Themes” for a new site.

    I’m working through the step by step set up. And my trouble is that when I go to upload my already unzipped files from the WordPress directory I cannot select all (I’m on a Mac if that matters?!), so does that mean I literally have to select and upload each file one by one??? I started this, and it was so incredibly time consuming that I thought that there must be another way.

    To confirm again, I’m using a MacBook Pro, and already have signed up to HostGator so I’m using the CPanel and uploading into my public_html folder – and the files automatically unzipped when they were uploaded.

    Huge thanks!!!!

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  • You’ve got me confused at the end: “the files automatically unzipped when they were uploaded.”

    Nonetheless, the File Manager in cPanel has lots of great features. You can upload, move a folder, select a whole bunch of files and even unzip a .zip or .tar.gz file. Check out the cPanel documentation on HostGator.

    There might be some WordPress-specific cPanel instructions around, too. The only ones I found in my brief look were here:
    (not sure how up to date they are)

    Hey jonradio – I’ve managed to upload files to cpanel via external site filezilla (into public_html folder). However now when I go to “install” by following these instructions –

    Run the WordPress installation script by accessing wp-admin/install.php in a web browser.
    If you installed WordPress in the root directory, you should visit:
    If you installed WordPress in its own subdirectory called blog, for example, you should visit:

    ..nothing seems to happen?????

    “Safari can’t open the page…because the server where this page is located isn’t responding”….


    Thank you 🙂

    Oh and I’m obviously taking out “example” and placing my domain name in that place 😉

    I haven’t heard any mention of you creating a database. Or renaming wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, and adding the database name, database user ID, and password.

    Not that you didn’t, but weird things happen if you don’t do that before trying to access install.php

    I should also mention that it can take up to 48 hours for a domain name to be available everywhere around the world. To make sure you can get to your domain name, create a test.txt file on your computer with “Hi, amyelandry” in it.

    Use FileZilla to upload text.txt to public_html.

    Then type

    If you don’t see “Hi, amyelandry” in your web browser, then the domain name is “not working yet”. Either the name servers are not set properly, or you changed them in the last 48 hours.

    jonradio – I have done all of those steps… I feel confident they’re all correct – but it is my first time so..hmm

    Good to know about the domain name – I purchased it 22 hours ago now. I can only hope that is the problem – simple! 🙂

    I’m not sure how to upload text.txt to filezilla, but I’ll try give it a go – it’s new to me until today! (Do I do it simply in the text program?)

    Thanks 🙂

    FileZilla has two areas displayed. The left one is your computer’s hard drives and other devices. The right one is the web site you connected it to. As long as you know where the test.txt file is stored, it should just be a drag and drop from left to right side.

    Alternatively, cPanel’s File Manager has an upload capability that prompts you to browse your computer for the file you want to upload.

    Ok great, I’ve done as you suggested – created a Test.txt file, and uploaded it to the public_html folder. I checked in my CPanel, and it is definitely there.

    I went to the domain address you said (adding my domain name, replacing example), and it redirected me to the Go Daddy website, where I purchased my domain name.

    I’m hosting through GatorHost, and have changed the name servers on my Go Daddy account….

    Does this show that it is just simply a waiting game? Or something still not set up correctly?


    If there’s an index.html or index.htm page in your public_html folder, rename it to something like indexold

    Same thing happening to me. Forget the /wp-admin/install at the end of the url and just go to yourdomain.tld and it will already be installed for you. You still have to set it up.

    I’m about to ask a question about this, so if anyone knows anything about this, please respond.

    @amyelandry: You must get working before doing anything else. Don’t worry about index.html and index.htm files at this point. will always work if you can see the file in cPanel’s File Manager in the public_html folder (on GoDaddy and other hosts that use public_html folders).

    So, we know that the domain name is not set up properly. Frankly, it is rare to take more than 12 hours to see the changes propagated to all but the farthest reaches of the Internet.

    If you choose not to share your domain name here, then I am going to suggest that you look it up yourself here:
    and make sure that the name servers are right for HostGator. Feel free to post the name servers here if you want someone to verify that they are correct.

    As I say, this is definitely NOT a WordPress problem, though @chgowriter is probably right in assuming that any hosting company that loads software for you, probably installs it, too. HostGator has some sort of One Click Installer according to their web site.

    @jonradio – I did as you suggested checking out Who Is, and they are not set up properly… it shows the servers as:

    When they should be HostGator ones. I did change them over about 12 hours ago in my Go Daddy account. Should it work automatically?

    I have found another section of Go Daddy, where the old server names are still showing. WHen prompted to change I first have to select one of the following:
    I want to park my domains?
    I want to forward my domains?
    I have a hosting account with these domains?
    I have specific nameservers for my domains?

    Which one should I select??? Cheers!

    Just quickly, I decided to select:

    I have specific nameservers for my domains?

    And then saved. I got a message saying it usually takes 2 hours to take affect, but can take up to 48.

    Hopefully this is resolved?!?!

    Yes, that should resolve it. But, just to be sure, check again in the morning, just in case they only update once a day (3 a.m. is the normal time).

    I just tried it and it has already changed! 🙂

    So should the next step be to go to ?

    Some one above suggested going to: yourdomain.tld ??

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