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  • Hi.
    I have a general question about using a featured image on a specific Page on my site.

    This is the page on the site…

    The theme I’m using is Contempt.

    When I created that particular page, there is an option to Set Featured Image. I uploaded the picture I wanted, and it displays it correctly with a message that it’s set, when I view the Page in edit mode. However, instead of showing an autumn landscape, the header still shows that bolt of electricity.

    My questions:
    1. Am I understanding Featured Images correctly when I assume that I can have one particular image showing as the header for one particular Page that is different than what is set for all the other Pages?

    2. (If #1 is correct) I’ve read through the forums and the results of a google search… and there’s mention in several spots about adding code to my functions php file in the Editor. I’m assuming that because I’m given the functionality to set a Featured Image when I create a new Page, that I needn’t be adding any additional code… that my theme has all the code it needs. Is that a false assumption? Is the theme basically saying, hey, we’re giving you SOME functionality to add a featured image (ie, uploading it to the Page edit view), but that the theme creators are leaving it up to me to change my functions php code in order to actually make the thing work?

    Does that make sense? I wanted to be sure I was understanding the problem/obstacle before I began just adding code to my Editor. It seemed like a prudent thing to get some confirmation here first.


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  • @bird is the Worm

    Featured images, aren’t generally used how you’re thinking, the chances are that if you have the option to change the header background it would be within the theme options if there are any.

    Featured images by default are usually only available for posts as opposed to pages, if the theme developer enabled it on pages you’d see the option when you’re in the edit mode for the page.

    A work around could be to edit your theme files and create a second template which uses a separate background image for that specific page, alternatively you could see if the page name is pulled in to the body tag, if it does then you could perhaps force the stylesheet to use a specific image within the header for that select page.

    All depends on your knowledge as to what solution you choose to go for.

    Thanks, James.

    I’ve seen some code out there that addresses a second template. Now, armed with your explanation, I can start diving into it with a better understanding of featured images.


    @james Duffell, I have a similar desire, I want a background image to be like a watermark only on the homepage. I was able to get the background in on the theme I created in ArtisteerĀ®, but of course it shows on all pages. I am a novice at CSS. But with PHP and SQL, I know what I am looking at but don’t always know what to do with it. So if I created a new “page” template name “home”, and added the graphic there, would that work? And secondly, where would the call for the graphic go, in the style.css? or the new “home” template, or both? I think I can do it, just a little unclear on the complete process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The site is under construction at subdomain until it’s ready to the main domain. It’s at Noorda



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    @bigzepfan: It is impolite and contrary to forum policy to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread with a question of your own. Please post your own topic.



    Just a follow-up post.

    I found a plug-in that seems to have done exactly what I needed. It’s called Dynamic Headers by Nicasio Design, and can be found here…

    It was using the search term “dynamic headers” that got me a bunch of plugin options that addressed my original question. Previously I had been using the search term “featured image”, which provided with interesting reading, but wasn’t the optimal phrase for me to use for my investigation.

    I just installed the above plugin today, and it seems to be working fine (though I always hesitate to make a definitive statement like that until some time has passed). It was very simple to set up. Ridiculously simple.

    I should add that other dynamic header plug-ins popped up on my search, some which offered enhanced functionality. They were more than what I was looking for, but others reading this might want more options, so I wanted to mention that there are other dynamic header plugins out there.


    P.S. If someone wants to put a “resolved” checkmark on this thread, do so with my blessing. Thanks again to everyone who gives their time and experience on forums like this.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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