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    I have an info graphic I posted that will make this clearer. I am trying to figure out how soon I should go from a static page in to posts.

    I have a page of icons representing the various buckets that will be static as far as updates but the content it links to will be dynamic and will be associated with multiple categories that play across the entire section: they are part of the information from the static page and as you go into areas the categories will shift as well. I am just not sure if the over view screen with the icons should be a page or a post.

    Thank you! I am very new to this.

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  • I think I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Using a Page is probably more appropriate.

    As the site grows, and more and more items (which in your case are Posts) it will be easier to access that page to to edit. A custom page template could be created to dynamically populate your categories, sub-categories, and listings. If you go that direction you can actually have a single “Page” for Job Categories, Category Buckets, and Bucket Listings. Then you could create posts for your Bucket Listings, and create page templates that would loop through and display the relevant data on the fly according to the category the visitor is viewing.

    Would you mind looking here? Right now I did the exact opposite and moved right into posts.
    select job boards
    select engineering (most are not populated yet)
    select any one of the listings
    how would the page be different? would it hook into an xml doc or?

    What you’re doing now is obviously working. The only real problem I see you running into is in the future, if you have say… 500 job listings, you will have a hell of a time finding the job-board post to edit if you need. A page will simply be easier to find down the road. If that works for you just keep going with it.

    I am not saying it works. I just did not have a better solution 🙂 How difficult is it to program this page and does it just fit into the existing structure?

    At this point it’s not a programmatic thing, just ease of use. If the job-board “page” is a post, then you can simply copy/paste that content into a page.

    Well, on second thought… if job-board is a post, are your permalinks set only to %postname%? That could cause problems down the road.

    Other than that it looks like you properly have a category/archive template setup to pull the listings.

    my permalinks are only postname. With what you have just said it may be that it should be something like time, category, postname or time, postname (there are already 150 categories) because someone from one group might have a lot of similar posts and the only unique thing that could be counted on is the time. Is that what you are getting at? I hadn’t thought about that…

    I’ve never used only %postname% myself, but the codex warns against doing it for “performance reasons.”

    OK. I am doing /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/
    That should keep any chaos at bay. You have been doing this a while? You are very helpful. Thank you.

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