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    I have a question: where do the Moderators come from?
    Stated less strangely, how does one become a Moderator? Does it have to do with how many people they have helped? Is there a test? Some kind of agreement regulated by terms of use (i.e. to make sure we have responsible Moderators)?

    Also, are there different levels of Moderators? I’ve seen people labeled as “Moderator” (of course), but I have also seen one other user designated as a “Support Maven”. Are these designations “official” (i.e. in a hierarchy) and are they obtained using a similar approach to the baseline “Moderator” position?

    Looking forward to finding out!

    Mind Blender 3D

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  • Moderator status does not necessarily infer knowledge.

    There really isn’t a set system of how Moderator status is bestowed.

    But moderators usually have shown some level of responsiveness and willingness to help. Longevity and number of responses don’t necessarily confer moderator status.

    Hierarchy is Key Master, Admin, Moderator, Volunteer. Support Maven is in a field that can be anything, even “dumbell” if you are Key Master, Admin, or Moderator.

    This forum is run on if you are of the mind to dig deeper into the code.

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    Who bestows Moderator status?

    MichaelH, you are a moderator, how did you get made one?


    P.S. I didn’t quite understand the “Support Maven” explanation. Could you run that by me one more time a little differently?

    P.P.S. Okay, I can see the hierarchy. How are people promoted?

    Thought there would be more questions 😉

    1. Admins
    2. An admin made me a moderator
    3. Support Maven is a title that can be changed
    4. By admins

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    Ah, I see! Now please forgive me if I am asking too many questions here, I just want to know how everything works 🙂

    Though I do have another question! You’ve told me that your status was conferred by an admin, but why were you made an administrator? Had you just demonstrated good knowledge and form in giving advice, and the Admins thought you would make a good mod?

    Thanks, and I hope I am not being a pest.


    Not sure why. 😉

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    Well, thank you for the information! It was nice finding out more about the inner workings of this wonderful support forum.

    Thanks again,
    Mind Blender 3D

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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