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    Hello 🙂

    I’ve got a blog ( that is self hosted on Bluehost with the WordPress installation. I’ve also bought a theme off Themify (Postline). But I’m having a little issue with how to get my theme to run on my blog now :s

    I went to my File Manager- picked Web Root and then uploaded my zipped theme through the Upload option. It’s stored in public_html. But when I go to my blog it isn’t there for me in the Themes section. I know you’re meant to upload to wp-content/themes but when I try to Go to that directory it says the directory is empty.

    Lol- I’m pretty sure I’m making some massively noob-ish mistakes here but I’m just confused and don’t know how to GET to my theme… Am I having issues because I’ve uploaded a zipped folder (it was too big otherwise) or am I having issues because of uploading to the wrong place?

    Please help 😀
    Thank you SO much :))

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  • Theme files need to be in the content themes directory. The default is wp-content/themes but you can change the content directory if you want to use something different.

    If your zipped theme is currently in public_html, WordPress will not see it. Use Bluehost’s File Manager to move the file to wp-content/themes and then extract it to a folder inside of that directory. Or delete the zipped file in public_html, navigate to your themes directory and upload/extract the theme again.

    You should end up with wp-content/themes/<yournewtheme> and the theme should be visible in your admin to preview and activate.

    Thank you so much for the quick reply! 🙂

    I used Move to move the zipped file and entered wp-content/themes to move it there- but the problem is when I search for the directory to go and extract it- it says that there are no files in the directory :s

    It seems so straighfwd- I don’t know what’s going wrong here?

    Any insights? 🙁

    Thank you!! :))

    Oh an update!! 😀


    I managed to get the file to wp-content now (in the left sidebar)- I found it and just dragged the zipped folder in…

    But now when I try to extract it- I just get loads of little messages saying error and denied :s


    You may need to download a new copy and upload it again. That one could have gotten corrupted. The other thing you can do is upload it through your wordpress dashboard. Go to the Appearance, then Themes, and click the Install tab. There should be an upload button there. This will automatically upload it and extract it to the correct place.

    Hmm- that’s strange- I don’t seem to have the Install tab- is there any way I can get it?

    Ok so I did a lookup on your domain, and I show that it is pointed to Unfortunately does not allow you to install new themes like that. If you want your site hosted at Bluehost you need to go to (they seem to be your registrar) and change your name servers to Bluehost’s name servers. Their name servers are:

    Itt will take about 24-48 hours for your name servers changes to take affect. After that your site will be hosted at Bluehost and you will be able to install your theme.

    Thank you so much!! Phew! But where do I change this from? I’ve just looked through my Dashboard and I can’t find where to change it in the General Settings or anywhere else :s

    CHange this at Bluehost. They will be able to help further.

    Sure- I’ll give a call to their helpline!

    Thank you everyone for all your responses 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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