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  • I’m currently running s2membership free version on the main blog on my Multisite installation. If I upgrade to the Pro version, is there any way to set up the same membership account to run on multiple blogs on the same installation, so I can sell membership to multiple blogs on my installation? If not with s2 plugin, with a DIFFERENT plugin?

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  • ?

    You would need to ask THEM directly 🙂

    Thanks. I already did that, but out of habit, I posed the question HERE in the hope some reader who had the same experience might answer before the s2 people came to work tomorrow morning and answered.

    You know, 10 years ago when I got into WordPress, this site was a lot friendlier and more helpful. But everyone involved in Facebook is involved in some site trying to make a buck

    These days, it is a certainty that no matter what support question you POSE here is greeted with with a response like “why don’t you ask the plugin maker?”

    I think WordPress is dangerously close to jumping the shark, if it hasn’t already.

    Thanks for nothing, Ipstenu.

    Well a couple reasons.

    1) You didn’t tag the post so the dev would see it (I did that for you)
    2) We want to direct you to the experts

    It’s totally fine to ask here, but you should consider those two aspects of the situation. The best place to ask this would have been here:

    Which is why I wanted to verify that was the plugin you were using (I can’t read minds, and you said “s2membership” but the plugin is named “s2member” so it’s possible you actually meant another plugin all together!)

    Anyway. I don’t use it, so I thought “Hey, I better make sure he asked the plugin devs first, cause maybe they know.”

    A general answer is to use a plugin like to set up default settings for all your plugins.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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