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  • Hello,

    I had to reinstall one of my sites, i took a manaul back up of the database with PHPMyAdmin but this is where i’m stuck.

    I know how to restore the database but my database is split with 2 installs of wordpress on the one database – each site having it’s own table preix in the config file. If i restore will it blank or affect the other site? Or will it just restore what’s missing?

    Looking at the backup file it seems to only have one of tables in it (I’m guessing because i can only see one of the table prefixes mentiuoned throughout)

    I’m concerned that If I restore the databse I will be left with just that content and the second site and the split database will be erased.

    Any advice would be appreciated


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  • When you restore you’ll have whatever data there is in the file. Just do a search with your text editor for the other prefix and see if it’s there.

    thanks for the response, I have searched for the other prexix and it is not there – only the one I want to restore.

    If I restore what will happen to the other tables/other website currently on the database? Will it blank them or just add to them?

    That depends on the SQL in the file. It shouldn’t do anything to them. Look for the keyword ‘DROP’ to see what tables will be deleted.

    Why don’t you just backup the whole thing to be safe?

    That’s a good idea, I’ll back up a copy of the whole thing as it currently stands just in case then try.

    There are mentions of ‘DROP TABLE IF EXISTS’ but all relating to the website i’m trying to reinstall.

    I guess my biggest fear is because there is only a mention of one website/prefix that it will blank the other on there.

    Thinking about it, I seem to remember checking ‘add DROP TABLE’ to the structure options when I took the backup – that’s the option that replaces files right?

    Is there a way to manually edit the backup file to remove that option?

    I really appreciate you taking time to help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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