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  • Hello all:

    I am not sure if WordPress can do this or not, and I would love to get some advise. I want to use WordPress on my website, but I have a few requirements that I need in order for it to work. I want to create a website that has a variety of sections for the different groups of people that will be visiting. There will be at least 3 different sections, and neither of the sections will really relate to one another and need to be kept separate. I am looking at the Multi-site documentation, and this almost sounds like what I need, but how much control do you have when using it?

    One section will be a forum where users that have access can post questions and answers to other user questions. I want to have parent topics that will be unchangable (except by an admin), and then the users stuff will go under that. Each child topic will need to have a ‘yes/no’ button at the bottom of the question, allowing other users to vote on the topic and then give their opinions/comments.

    If possible, I would like the child topics to require approval before they are actually viewable on the website. (At least initially. After a while, if the site gets big, I hope it will be almost self-moderating. This would also require a “Report questionable post” link so an alert can be sent if someone does something really dumb.)

    I would like to be able to create groups and give users different permissions to each group. For example, User Group A has read/write permissions to Section A, read permissions to Section B and no access to Section C. User Group B would have no access to A, read/write access to B, and read access to C, and etc.

    If WordPress can not do any of the above, do you have any suggestions that can do all of the above?

    Thank you for your time and consideration while reading this question.


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  • I don’t quite understand what you are asking.

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    Sorry, deleted the spam post there.

    You can do all that with WordPress. You’ll need some plugins for the Q&A submission, but it can all be done.

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