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    First of all, I am just tickled pink to find some folks on here that believe as much in the concept of Open Source software as I do. For that alone, I commend you most highly. I have just now installed Elementor. If it turns out to be only half as good as I believe it will, I will be pleased beyond words and you folks will have a true winner of a plugin!

    To my question: Having looked through your documentation quite thoroughly as well as your FAQs, the answer to one question eludes me. Which fonts are immediately available with Elementor? Since I am using Ubuntu, all of the fonts I have installed on my local computer are Open Source; is there a means by which I can utilize some of these fonts without becoming a Master Coder?

    Thank you all for sharing this tool with all of us! It obviously has taken a lot of time and effort to develop it to this point.

    Best regards,


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  • dasigna


    …no reply?

    available fonts in elementor are simply all of the google fonts (or the ones that comes with your theme).
    you can however implement any fonts by your own in the theme youre using with the common css-things – no need to become a master coder, but to take a closer look how things work ;-).

    Plugin Author ArielK


    As @dasigna wrote (thanks!), fully supports all Fonts by Google, you can see the list here:



    Thanks to you both for explaining about what the default fonts are in Elementor. I appreciate having that answer since I did not find it anywhere in the documentation I read (all of it). ArielK, you might look to have one of the development crew address this shortcoming as well as my follow-up question: As @dasigna wrote

    “you can however implement any fonts by your own in the theme youre using with the common css-things – no need to become a master coder, but to take a closer look how things work”

    As I am not a coder, BUT can follow directions reasonably well, could one of the two of you please explain, in a step-by-step manner, how one adds a particular font to the fonts available in Elementor. Likewise, it would be extremely cool if one could add the entire library of fonts available through Can this be done without becoming a Master Coder or should I just have you add it to the ‘wish list’ for the next version of Elementor?

    Many thanks!




    hmmm… i think it doesnt make much sense to provide you with a detailed guide how to implement own fonts to wp in this place. just search the web and you’ll find plenty of information for what you need. google is your friend 🙂
    and even if you dont want to do it manually – there are plugins that do the job for you …

    adding entire font-libraries to elementor besides googlefonts wont make any sense at all – just my two cents.
    there are files and lists to load which slows down things unnessesaryly. i dont think elementor guys would do that, and no, you cant do this by your own.

    besides that you mostly wont use more than two or three fonts at once on one site, so its far better to do this the ways given before.

    not that big thing – just try it.



    I understand and appreciate that Google is my friend. I use it more times in a day than I can remember.

    I think you missed my point. Elementor is being developed as a plugin to use in WordPress and a most excellent plugin it is and will continue to develop into, IMHO. However, one of the aspects by which a piece of software lives or dies is the quality of the documentation provided with that software by the development team. In the case of Elementor, the developers chose to go with Google Fonts. There is nothing wrong with Google Fonts, except that it only consists of a measly 809 different fonts, whereas Font Squirrel (my personal favorite free font site) offers up 1100 at last count. I don’t think it is very far fetched that someone like myself who isn’t a coder and has no real aspiration to become one is not going to find exactly the font they want among Google Fonts limited selection and will want to add a different one to their site. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Elementor development team to create a subject of fonts within the plugin’s documentation in which they state that the default font library for Elementor is Google Fonts (as opposed to answering the same question I originally asked over and over again) AND taking the time ONCE to explain the process of implementing your own fonts in the CORRECT and a STEP-WISE manner (which you can never take for granted reading some random post found in a Google search) so that users of Elementor will have another reason to sing the praises of this plugin for WordPress.

    Hi @darkstarx. I don’t know anything about Elementor plugin. But as a developer, I tried to find an easy way to provide Fonts Squirrel into WordPress. Font Squirrel has an API that lets you request the font names and images so that you can have an idea of a font without downloading and installing the full font files set. Unfortunately, this API is not very stable : some fonts that are listed cannot be downloaded.

    However, I made a plugin that let you select and use any font listed in the API into WordPress : It is not perfect, but you can try it.

    You can also try to follow those step by step guides :
    I found those links by asking my favorite search engine (which is not google) “wordpress font squirrel”. Have a try and you will probably find what you need.



    Good morning to you @fab1en and thank you for your input. As you probably already know, I am a designer, not a developer. I have tried my hand at development and coding a little bit, but I never found a great love for it that is crucial to become adept at that skill.

    I shall give serious consideration to trying your plugin for Font Squirrel. I don’t expect perfection from software that I use, but I do expect a responsive development team that is reasonable patient with non-coding amateurs, such as myself AND at least a reasonably diligent attempt at providing sufficient documentation for the use of the software they create.

    Let me ask you one specific question about your plugin: Does it fully automate the process of font installation, or must the user still monkey around with the CSS stylesheet for the site they are creating?

    I also thank you for the informational links you provided. Let me ask you this: What is your favorite search engine? In this day and age, I sometimes feel that we are becoming far too dependent on Google, even if their corporate motto is “Don’t Be Evil” (and I really question how closely they continue to abide by that worthy phrase). You may count on me reading and bookmarking these links to serve me when needed even though I still prefer that the development team strive for full automation of the font installation and integration process!

    I wish you a very pleasant Sunday, sir!

    Best regards,




    Good morning to you again @fab1an,

    I just looked at your plugin for Font Squirrel. WordPress informs me (and anyone else that looks at your plugin) that your plugin has not been updated in over two years! Considering the changes that have occurred in WordPress as well as Font Squirrel and their API, not to mention any other websites and other dependencies that your plugin may rely on, does not inspire great confidence in your plugin, OR your responsiveness as the developer</em>! Really, monsieur! Even though absolutely everything upon which your plugin relies may remain unchanged from two years ago, do you not see the advantages to revisiting your creation even if it is only to tweak the code a little bit and upgrade the version from 1 to 1.02, or some such?

    If you would like to take this discussion private, please feel free to contact me at:

    Your friend AND a Certified Pain In The A**!

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    I just wanted to add some perspective on the idea of embedding fonts and suggest keeping in mind the payload you introduce to the website.

    Today, in professional website development it is critical to find the fine balance of elegance (visual), form (functionality) and being as lean (SEO/UE) as possible. Fonts however are pretty high up on the list with images and video that can quickly start to add up when it comes to load times.

    That is why most prefer to limit themselves with an ever growing and simple to implement Google fonts. Checkout

    Or some Gfont inspiration:

    But if you really need your own fonts, why not try this plugin:

    You’ll not likely see these fonts on the drop down of Elementor’s interface but with some pretty basic css you can use Elementor’s class capability to achieve the goal outside of the confines of the visual page builder. This is how the pro’s do it and its not that hard to learn. I think the plugin above even has a video on how to set fonts globally to different tags.

    Keeping Elementor a lean machine is vital to its continued success and popularity. This is one of the reasons why it’s quickly rising to the top. Also, to make feature requests please use github:

    Best of luck with your project(s).

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    Mr. Ingram:

    In the first place I have made this request through channels other than this forum. I do not care a great deal for GitHub and I am not inclined to use it.

    As far as your pseudo-rationale for not supporting font sets other than the almighty google font set I call bullshit. In the first place, if you want to develop a professional website, why are you even tinkering around with WordPress? In the second place, presuming you use 3 or 4 different fonts on a given website, just how much ‘bloat’ is that going to add to a given site? Damn little I’d venture to say. And if it takes my site development tool and extra 5 minutes to load completely before I can begin designing, why am I going to have a fit? The point is that it should be UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL which particular fonts are loaded initially by the program. Finally, if I wanted to be a programmer and learn how to code, I would have studied computer science in college and made a living as a programmer.

    I have also tries the Use Any Fonts plugin that you recommended and found it to be wanting.

    @darkstarx : yes, you’re right, my Font Squirrel plugin has not been updated for a while. I did not work on this plugin since a lot of time because I can’t make a living from it. One of my client is using it though, and it’s working well :

    There might be some bugs, but if you found one and need me to correct it, I’m available to hire as a freelance. If so, please contact me here:

    Here is how it works : visit the “Font > Search Font” menu in WP admin panel, you will see a list of fonts to choose from (here is a screenshot). Then, click on a font and push the install button : the font is downloaded form Font Squirrel and all the needed css files are setup on your site automatically. From there, when you edit a post, you have a “font family” drop down and you can choose a font to apply to one or several words in your post (screenshot).

    @darkstarx : to answer your question about my favorite search engine, it’s Duck Duck Go. If you want to find alternatives to google services, have a look at Degooglisons internet, a project led by the French no-profit organization framasoft.

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