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  • After 8 years working with Acymailing and Joomla (yeah i know you guys do not like that word :-P) they finaly have launched it for WordPress.
    As a thanks for all there time and effort in working together with me (i am not an easy person…) I decided to tell here what I think of Acymailing and where i use it for.

    I hope it can help you decide if this is something for you or not.

    I am working with WordPress for 6 years and if you ask me there was a lack of customizable newsletter plugins. Mailpoet is super easy and i love working with it but not very customizable and flexible.
    When i asked a feature (custom css) they told me thats not gonna happen…

    I have over 40 sites working with Acymailing and Joomla from couple notifications a week to thousands of mailings per day.
    In the first version of the new 6, not all things i mention here are already possible but it will come (they promised me…)

    Why i love Acymailing
    – They have outstanding support
    – Manage site and newsletter on one place.
    – Insert content instead of copy it
    – Stable software, I have never had any bug that gives me trouble (some buttons on mobile bugs…)
    – They are open for talking about new features
    – Pricing and quality is great.
    – The only thing is they are French… 😉

    Where do i use it for?

    • Newsletters
    • Automatically sending newsletters with last events, last posts, last products.
    • All kind of notifications (unsubscribe or not)
    • Event/course almost starting…
    • Follow up events/course
    • Manage bounces like a pro
    • Mailing lists send email to all subscribers
    • If a user buys a certain event i add them to a certain list (with rules).
    • If a user has some profile value i add them to a certain list (with rules).
    • All kind of rules can be created to do things with your users.
    • If they have enrolled a certain course start this campain every day with the notifications that the new video is ready (Rules that work with database values)
    • Add certain content in the newsletter if user is interest in a certain thing, so personalize newsletters to the maximum 🙂
    • Add links to directly add them to a certain list

    Wish you all good luck with deciding what suits your needs 🙂

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