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  • Gammaray


    Good day everyone!

    On my web-site, I am running “I feel dirty” theme. Everything runs normally except 1 little thing. In the admin panel, when I check “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”, the error is produced on the comments page for users who aren’t registered. When the user is signed-in – no problem. Please visit my site for details: Maybe you could solve my problem. Thanks a lot guys…

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  • yosemite


    So, do you feel dirty?

    Okok, what “error”? You mean the positioning?



    IF you meant the positioning, you’re missing a closing div, apparently. Search that bugger down…



    Yes man, I do mean the positioning. So where could the missing /div be found? In the template files or where? The problem is, the page positioning is broken only when the option “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” is on. Seems strange.

    I know I’m a bit late, but it sounds to me like the problem is probably very close to where WordPress checks for Login/Registered status …

    I haven’t been digging around in WP source for awhile, but isn’t that check done in the themes/(theme_name)/comments.php ?

    I’d start there, at least.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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