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    I have a WordPress blog and I observed a strange behavior (it may be normal, but it looks strange to me).

    I have many ideas and each time I have one I write a draft post. Later I complete some of them and then publish them. Usually my home page shows my latest published post.

    Now here is what happened: in October 2016 I wrote a post which was incomplete so I left it as a draft and did not publish it. We will call it post A.
    Later I wrote and published 3-4 other posts and as expected as I published new post it appeared in my homepage until I posted a new one. The recent of those posts was published on January 2 2017.

    Few days ago, I finally completed and published post A. I was surprised to see that the post from January 2 is still in my homepage and not post A. When looking at post A it says that it was published back in October 2016, and I guess this is the reason it’s not on the homepage. Because it is considered older.

    Why does it have a wrong publishing date ? How can I fix it so it will have the correct publish date and be in my homepage ?

    Thank you


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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