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  • Figured out why I was getting 403 errors when I was trying to go to Archives from my main page, and I don’t think it was posted yet.

    Check to see that you do not have a physical directory structure that matches your permalink structure.

    Like if you have permalinks that look like 2005/05/blah-blah-blah, don’t have a physical directory structure 2005/05/other-stuff or whatever.

    I had moved over from to WordPress, and I had published my Blogger blog a few times. My directory structure for the published Blogger blog matched the permalink structure I was trying to use in WordPress. After I re-named the directory with the Blogger posts, I could access the WordPress archives like a charm again.

    Before finding this out, I was able to access my 2005/06 archives just fine, but not my 2005/05 archives. Well, I had switched over to WordPress before June, so I hadn’t published anything in Blogger in June.

    About all I can say is that something “got confused” and out popped a 403 error.

    Maybe someone else can offer a more technical explanation.

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  • The technical ‘splainin is just that WordPress, when setting out the rewrite rules for your permalink structure, tries to avoid obscuring actual files and directories through a couple rule conditions (RewriteCond). The logic is that most users probably don’t want to have the URI’s to actual physical documents instead passed to their blog.

    I just migrated my blog from Blogger, using WordPress 2.x and am having this problem. I don’t understand how to fix this error, and how to tell whether this is indeed my problem.

    In my WordPress directory, there are two sets of files:

    I have a set of folders named by year, containing folders by month, with html files named by the title of the post inside.

    I also have php files in the WordPress directory that are named YYYY_MM_01.php . These don’t look like the overlapping protocol described in the initial post, but could this be the same problem and I’m not recognizing it?


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