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    Does anyone know of a plugin that restores to WP 2.0 the upload features of WP 1.5? By “upload features,” I mean the ability to choose a static directory for uploads and the ability to create a custom-sized thumbnail.

    If there ain’t such a thing I’m planning to write one myself, but I don’t want to duplicate anyone’s efforts.

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  • I went ahead and wrote a plugin that restores for WP 2.0 the “Upload” tab and features from earlier versions. You can download it here.

    Wonderful! My hat’s off to ya!

    Now I can get my iimage browser to work.

    Excelento filosofo, cheers. Works just like it should 🙂

    What would be really nice is if there were some way to remove the new upload block from the edit page as well…

    Was a post somewhere with a Q&D from Les Bessant, but I can’t find it offhand. Here’s what you do:

    In your wp-admin.css file, find #uploading. Add a line: display:none. Save the file, upload to your install, that should take care of the upload block.

    Way to go vkaryl.

    Thanks so much. That’s a great little alteration. Make the whole page so much more compact now that lots of the other stuff is on the right hand side.


    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Plugins can hook onto the ‘uploading_iframe_src’ filter to either remove the inline uploader or modify it to their liking.

    Well, reevo, the thanks go to Les Bessant, really. I just passed his tweak along….

    [Duplicate post]

    It’s really easy to remove the inline uploader – just insert this into the plugin:

    add_filter('uploading_iframe_src', 'remove_crap_inlnupl');

    function remove_crap_inlnupl() {
    $uploading_iframe_src = false;

    I was gonna make a plugin to remove all the weird crap that I don’t like in WordPress, but the above is all I can do with my PHP skills as they stand 🙁

    This tweak actually removes the uploading iframe from the page. The CSS tweak just styles it away, but it’s still there.

    Sweet! This is great.

    I’ve never been able to get the 2.0 uploader to work, so this is perfect.


    Is there a way to choose a custom directory on an upload by upload basis? For instance, I want to upload my pencil sketches into a /sketches folder and my vector art into a /vector folder, but I don’t want to have to change the destination directory in the upload options every time. That would be impossible. Also, I’ve made some Flash files so I’d like to be able to upload it into it’s own folder that isn’t related to images. Thanks for the help!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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