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  • Hello,
    Is there any plugin to display monthly archive of my site’s pages (not posts) in twenty eleven, please? I have only pages with comments, and I can find only plugins which deal with posts.
    Thanks a lot

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  • For time sensitive content it is best to employ Posts instead of Pages. Otherwise it will be an uphill battle to get your pages to do everything that posts can already do. If you are comfortable editing your theme files, you could use the native WordPress function wp_list_pages.

    Thanks. I’ll try.

    And, in parallel, I’d like to have an opportunity to create categories for pages, like they were discussed here
    The titles could be History, Excursions, Info etc.
    Please don’t advice me to convert my pages into posts:-) It should be permalinks. Is there any plugin, please? I’m not a pro, but I could do some editing in my php-files in my child theme, if necessary. Thanks.

    Or let me formulate it simpler. At the time being, for each page in my custom menus I fill Title Attribute, again and again. And these attributes are just 3 or 4. I’d like these Title Attributes to be sort of categories or so, in order not to fill again the same words into the menu form each time 🙂 Thanks.

    Another way to organize Pages is to assign them to a parent Page using the Page Attributes option box in the editor. Try looking for plugins in the plugin repository:

    Thanks for the link. I use Page Attributes already – this helps me to organize my menus with submenus. Two things I’d like to have at the moment: Monthly dropdown Archive (like it exists for posts), and the way to convert Title Attributes into fixed Categories. Example: instead of 10 times filling in the Title Attribute form, say, Excursion, or, History, do it by one click – just to find in some dropdown menu words Excursion, History etc.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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