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  • TroyFoxxin


    I have a pool of friends that are like M&m’s Blue is MySpace, Red is Facebook and so on. all them want me to sign up and be there friends on them. but it annoying to think of having to keep up with all them pages.

    Now i dont know if one already made if so point it out! lol

    But i like a plugin i can view all my inboxs from and display status on there like tweet updates and so on.

    Also if i wanna send say a tweet update i can also check what others i wanna send the same status update too. like a Send to all button with a down arrow to un check the accounts i dont wanna send too.

    there allot themes and plugs ins that allow people to put there accounts but there mainly just link too.

    I like to view all my status and friends status and manage a inbox from one like adding muilt email accounts on email clients such as Evolution, Outlook, so on. with drop down of each account profile to view incoming messages. out going, so forth.

    if there is something like this great to point it out.
    If not be great to see someone work on a All In One Social Management Plugin.

    with it i wouldn’t mind setting up a account to set up. then input my profile then wouldn’t have to jump from site to site or open allot windows from different sites. it be all nice together with my Blog.

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