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  • Hello!

    I’ve spend more time than I really have time for on finding a plugin that lets me post an small image within a blog entry or post if you wanna call it that. When I add images to my posts now, the text floats in a big chaos no matter what alignment i try to set.

    Here is an example of what i want to achieve:
    ..the text wraps nicely around the images, no matter if the image are on the left or right.

    Thanks for any help! 🙂


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  • NextGen Gallery. You can insert individual images from your galleries. And you can click on the image to see a big one.

    Or try the 2.6 beta and see if the media gallery upgrades and bug fixes work better.

    Why not use CSS styling? 🙂

    Roger: I actually browsed through this while searching. Yes im sure its a great gallery plugin, but will it fix my image <-> text formating better ? does it affect the post at all?

    Mosey: my css styling skills are not incredible good 😉 i tried actually, it didn’t turn out good 🙁 …how hard can it be for those who know this to implement this into wordpress? 🙂

    Got more suggestions, or do i need to go get css for dummies?

    alf 😉

    When you insert the image, if you seen a drop down with choices such as left, center, right… those are class designators. Likely the image will just have a class designated in the html.

    Just make sure a matching class is in one of the css files (it should be, but for folks who upgrade from older versions the new css definitions don’t get added to your theme’s style.css… look for them in the default template directory’s style.css).

    It should work fine for NextGen Gallery. And NextGen allows you to pick the size of your thumbnail, and remembers it.

    @alfmarius: As RogerTheriault pointed out, it is possible to define classes for your images, define the properties of this css ‘class’ in your template css file, and away you go. (I tend to put padding, margin and borders) My CSS skills aren’t up to scratch either, but I try and get by with help from pros 😉

    A gallery plugin would be an optional step imho. If you’re putting in lots of pictures, perhaps it might be a good idea to use a gallery to manage it in the long term since it would make inserting images into your posts super easy (couple of clicks)

    Thanks a lot guys! I will try this as soon as I get my head out of the water at work… can be busy sometimes 😉

    I’ll post my experience for others to read and learn later..

    Alf (:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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