• I use the plug-in since 2014 ( version ) and made many charts for my non-commercial website because of the easy use and nice charts. I can understand that developping and support costs money but in 2014 the plug-in was free to use (the support then was worse – seems to be the owner did not want to spend any effort and sold his plug-in -).

    Since version 3.7.2 five (area, geo, bubble, scatter & column) of the nine free usable charts have been moved behind the paywall. Pity for me because i have many column-charts which are not visible anymore after updating to V3.7.2. I wonder why the column charts have been “removed” from the free version. I’am not able to replace the column-charts with bar-charts (big difference/to much data).

    very very pity

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  • Hi @gjwmvg,

    Thank you for your review! Just to clarify some things, the charts that were moved to the premium version of the plugin, but were created previous to that, will be displayed as expected on the site, they shouldn’t disappear. The column charts that were created when they were included in the free version will remain intact and won’t disappear from the site. However, it won’t be possible to create new charts of those types with the free version in the future. If you still encounter this issue, feel free to open a new thread detailing the problem on this page and we’ll try to assist you in solving it.

    Have a nice day!

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    Dear Lucia,

    Thanks for your fast reply. It seems to be I have to apologize myself.

    Before I install new updates at my life-site I test them on my home-computer (localhost). After the update of Visualizer V3.7.1 to V3.7.2 the line-charts where not visible anymore. So I waited with updating to long (probably to busy with other things). I just installed V3.7.5 of Visualizer and I could not find any problems. So this is the moment I have to apologize. Sorry for the 2 stars rating. I’am not able to change the amount of stars.

    Thanks for the free usage of the plug-in and the support.


    Hello @gjwmvg!

    No worries, I’m glad the issue has been clarified now!

    King regards,

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