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  • Guys, you claim it’s as simple as typing in “”View support forum” under Plugins, to get to the forums. No! No it’s not! I spent over 20 minutes trying to find the proper page that took me to the support forum that talks about Plugins.

    Can you “please” simplify the links so that a person seeking help with finding a good plugin, can actually make it to the forum?

    Sorry to sound snippy, but I was perfectly happy and content 20 minutes ago, until I started trying to actually chase down a ghost!


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  • Where does it say that? If you want us to fix something, at least give a link to the problem.

    The Plugins repository is linked in the header of all of That’s where you find plugins.
    The support forum specific to each plugin in the repository has a link called “View support forum” on its plugin page.

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    We do not have any forums for “people trying to find good plugins”. A plugin support forum is the forum for a particular plugin.

    For example, if you’re looking at the Akismet page here:

    There is a big “Support” link right at the top menu of that plugins page, or the “View Support Forum” button on the bottom of the right hand sidebar. These will take you to the forum for that specific plugin.

    There is no generic “plugins” forum.

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    @joyously – Follow this link –

    Go to the bottom of the page where the heading is “Themes And Plugins”

    And this is what’s written there.

    Themes and Plugins
    Looking for help with a specific theme or plugin? Head to the theme or plugin’s page and find the “View support forum” link to visit the theme or plugin’s individual forum.

    Note, the words “View Support Forum” are quoted specifically. That is why I thought there was a forum for plugins.

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    My intention was this… I need to find a forum where experts reside, that have a vast knowledge of the different available plugins, so that I can potentially find the one that works best for my needs.

    Since there is no actual forum where the main topic is plugins, can you suggest for me, a place where I might be able to gain the best audience that could help me with this challenge I have?

    Thank you!

    A lot of people post in the main forums looking for recommendations. But since these are support forums, the only people who hang out here are people asking questions, and a few people that like answering. There is not a forum with discussions, and nowhere here that there are experts of all the plugins available.
    The answer to questions about plugin recommendations often involve links to plugin searches, which helps those non-English speakers find the right keywords to use, but really doesn’t fulfill anyone’s need for research being done for them.

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    There are a number of WordPress related groups on Facebook that are more discussion oriented.

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    Not on Facebook. Do you have any other sources?

    I would’ve thought bringing a question about WordPress plugins to wordpress forums would be the ultimate place to reach the most amount of potential experience.

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