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  • * I enquired about this here but I couldn’t quite put my problem into words and the post got messy. I’m not trying to double post to get an answer but rather to clarify. I’ll be out all day and am generally not in a rush. *

    I think the upgrade has created a permalinks problem that breaks more than just the index.php structure. The majority of posts on this forum in the past 24 hours have been about permalinks but I don’t see a solution.

    My structure is /%category%/%postname%/ and my site is here. Upgrading caused the following two things to happen…

    1. Home page title bar shows as one of the categories.
    2. All of the images in the Gallery bring up ‘Nothing found’ in title bar.

    I have a lot of internal links for navigation so using the default permalinks gives me a ton of 404’s even with the permalinks migration plugin.

    So, if I use /%category%/%postname%/ I get problems and if I use default I errors. I understand that something may have been wrong on my site before upgrade but it was the upgrade that brought about the problems. I am not alone in looking for a solution here.

    If you point me in the right direction here I’ll go though the forum and point everyone else with this problem to the answer!

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  • You appear to be using lots of plugins, and maybe some are now causing problems. Using default ugly permalinks shouldn’t cause 404s unless you have hard-coded links in your theme.

    iridiax, thanks for your reply!

    Could it really be the plugins? I mean, there is a problem with the upgrade and index.php permalinks and no one is looking to the plugins for that.

    Perhaps there is a problem with 2.6 and pretty permalinks in general?

    Okay, I played around with the plug-ins – starting with Platimun SEO.

    In the end I removed it and installed All In One SEO. I stripped it down to the bone and got it to just show my sites name in the title bar. It was an aesthetic solution. I’m sure the ‘Nothing found’ msg is there somewhere!

    I’m not saying that it was the upgrade or Platinum SEO. I’m not saying anything in fact other than this ‘worked’ for me.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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