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  • When I started using Yahoo Web Hosting, I was pleased that they claimed to have WordPress blogging capabilities. However, what I (and many others) found out was that Yahoo automatically installed WP 2.0.2, and despite claiming they would upgrade whenever an update occurred, I never saw any automatic upgrades.

    It looks like things have finally improved. First, Yahoo now automatically installs version 2.3.3, an improvement over 2.0.2, although they haven’t upgraded old blogs to 2.3.3 yet. However, I found a plug-in that automatically upgrades WordPress, and I installed that. So FINALLY, after years of waiting, I now have WP version 2.5.1 on my yahoo hosted WordPress blog, upgraded painlessly, no technical knowledge needed. NOTE: I had to use the HTTP upgrade method offered by the plug-in, since the FTP method wouldn’t work.

    The only “hiccup” I had was when I installed the Instant Upgrade Plug-in on my WP 2.0.2 blog. After I did that, I noticed that the links wouldn’t work (each time they tried to connect they caused an error in which Firefox said “the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete”). I am not sure what caused it. Nonetheless, I exported the contents of that blog, deleted the old blog, and the started a new blog at the same subdomain. The new blog began as WP 2.3.3., and then I upgraded using the plug-in to 2.5.1, imported my old blog, and the newest WP version is installed and working with no problems! I am very happy about this because I like Yahoo Web Hosting, but have been very annoyed at the outdated version of WordPress they offer!

    I thought I would share this for others’ benefit, and see if anybody else has tried it, or has experience with the auto-upgrade plug-in I linked to above. I haven’t found any problems, but maybe you all know something I don’t about this, because it seemed pretty easy.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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