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  • I’ve searched the forums, and don’t believe anchoring will address my issue, so wanted to confirm with the forum

    I am trying to create an easy way teachers can contibute to weekly class updates that will populate individual pages and also a grade summary page only doing one entry. A teacher may support multiple grades, and a single grade that may require 2 or 3 teachers input

    Teacher 1
    One page with grades 1,2,3

    Teacher 2
    One page with grades 2,3,4

    A page for grade 2 that pulls from Teacher 1 and Teacher 2 sections that pertain to grade 2.

    Anchoring appears to only pull from the full page or post, not a section of a page.

    I have also tried a few plugins that focus on school/teachers agenda etc, but didn’t find a good fit.

    Any suggestions? TIA.

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  • Could anyone provide a direction I should go in? I have read posting, pages, tags, categories, functions/get post and custom templates….still having a hard time where I should begin.

    I feel like custom templates using functions would do it, but didn’t want to recreate the wheel.

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