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  • Is there a way to insert an entire external page into the body of a static page. For instance if I wanted to put Google’s home into one of my static page – sort of like an iframe. It is a php page if that help. I want to do this so that I can have a page that I created inside the framework of the wordpress (ie header, footer, etc.) Thank you so much for your help

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  • Your best approach would be to “include” only the ‘middle’ of that other page, i.e. without the head, body (opening and closing) – otherwise you’d end up with a webpage that has double html tags.

    iframe is a different animal – but I don’t know anything about it because it is not a good solution.

    I agree that an iframe would be a bad idea, but how do I “include” the middle of the page?

    Is this a one-time task or will there be all the time this kind of solutions on your blog?

    one time, I’m just trying to get everything set up right.

    …trying to get everything set up right.

    It might be not “right” for WP what you thought is right 🙂
    If the whole thing is once, and has to use the WP theme’s header/footer/style… what is it so special that you cannot make it a WordPress Page?

    As to answer the original question:
    I’d create a Page template that has the call for the file
    <?php include ('yourfile/here/with/path'); ?>
    then create a new Page using that template; no content in it

    in the included file I’d leave only what is in between <body> and </body> – delete the rest.

    Theoretically, this should work though I have no idea what is that mysterious php file you want to include.

    Thanks for the help. I’ll give it a shot. Sorry to be “mysterious” I am just trying to set up a forum within my WP page. I already have it set up, but I want to insert it into the WP frame. Is there a better way? Thank you so much for your help!

    I never understand why don’t people ask questions directly. Like:
    How do I integrate my ABC-XYZ forum with WordPress? Not BS-ting around with “a page in a page” questions…

    Ask about forums and those that have experience and knowledge will help you.
    Ask about “page” and I will jump in giving you all the wrong answers for what you want.


    Better way: try xdforum from

    vkaryl, any nice(r) examples of xdforum around? Took a peek at that link and it looks pretty rough…

    You can read but not post to a little private forum I run for a few long-time RPG friends here:

    It’s not simplicity itself to customize, but it’s not rocket science either. Each version improves as to usability and tweakishness.

    [Oh, btw – it doesn’t even come CLOSE to validating, but I haven’t had time to chase it all – clients come first….]

    I’ve not messed with any forums for years, but Vanilla’s been mentioned here a bunch in the last few days.

    I’m guessing you did take time to nicefy it ;’) Looks a lot prettier and more ‘consistent’ then the other link…

    Vanilla’s okay – it’s a decent replacement for the “big boys” and far more secure than phpbb for instance. Truthfully, xdforum is a “low-feature” forum option, which suits me for this one thing. I’m considering vanilla for a more commercial application….

    Thanks hs, that one’s been in my peripheral vision for a while. I like how wp-forum looks, works and installs, but it breaks in 2.1a. 🙁

    Yosemite: yes, the one thing that my friends expect is that stuff is “prettified”…. so I made it match the look. Actually, the first version of xdforum was better as to validity than the later ones.

    [It’s always been pretty private so I wasn’t too worried about the validation thing. It works, and it doesn’t go into my portfolio….]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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