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  • I would very much appreciate any specific help or insight any of your WordPress experts might offer on the following:

    I use WordPress 1.5x. My site is:

    I use the “Connections” theme.

    -Where exactly do I change my archiving from monthly to weekly?

    -How can I change the default style for my blockquotes tag so it is indented but not italicized?

    -Where is the best place to place html for the side bar additions, specifically, a small image and some text? In the Stylesheet? If so, where? And if in the HTML main index template, where?

    -Does anyone know why Mac OSX 10.2’s Safari does not load WordPress pages properly?

    -Where are the images for the sidebar stored? I would like to alter them and have not found them?

    -On my page posts with no comments say, “No Comments”. To me, this could be interpretted as not allowing comments. Is it possible to alter that text to say “0 comments so far” or “No Comments Yet”? If so, where do I change that text? I have searched and searched and can find no clear spot for at alteration.

    -In the Connections theme each post is separated by a fancy tilde sort thing bewteen them. There is also a thin line beneath the title of the post. I am thinking of adding a fatter version of the that line above the title to set each post off a little more. Where would I add the code for that? Would it be code or would I need to create a graphic? As an alternative, could I just use the thin line beneath the title and replicate it above the title as well?

    -In Connections there is a cool (well, I like it a lot) box to the left of each post title that displays the date. Is there was a way to add the post time to that box to more specifically identify each post? If so, where do I do that?

    -Inthe Connections theme are a series of links built into the header labelled : Home, About, Archives, Links, Contact. My links are not active. Obviously I need to to do something to them. As well, I would alter some of them to suit the purposes of the site. Where do I find the code for these?

    -Connections has the user put in a “tagline” that is a subheading under the blog name. It also appears in a box at the top of the sidebar called “about this site”. I would very much like to change the text in the “about this site” box to be different than the tagline but try as I might, I cannot find where that can be changed? Any help and is there a way to not use the same text in the subheading?

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH to anyone who takes the time to answer what are probably fairly simple-minded questions. I’ve spent some hours readinjg through the Codex and here on this forum and have found a lot of answers to questions I’ve had but these still seem to evade me. And while I am trying, dilligently, to learn CSS (because I think that’s really the base issue here) it’s time consuming and I’m not all that great with code.

    I’ve asked one question in here before and was amazed at the immediate, high quality and very helpful response. I am hoping to get that lucky one more time. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you again.

    Russell Frost

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Archiving – is automatic. Change “Show at most:” for the posts to display.

    Remove this from ‘blockquote’ in the css:

    In the sidebar template for changes there.

    Mac problem …. no doubt someone with one will better advise.

    I don’t see any images in your sidebar, but with a theme they would normally be in
    /wp-content/themes/theme name/ images

    On my copy of Connections I don’t see a comments.php which is where you’d need that change, change it in post.php

    post.php again. <p class="post-date"><?php the_time('D j M Y'); ?></p> change the format there – there is a link in Options to the site that deals with time tags.

    Series of links. Header.php

    Tagline – tried changing your blog description in Options ?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Missed one.
    The dividing stuff is in the css again:
    background:url('img/divider.gif') no-repeat center;

    So in /wp-content/themes/connections/img you will find the image responsible.

    And also check out the WordPress Codex for a lot of help and answers:

    There is also a section with information for beginners


    First, thank you. You rock my pathetic little world. Your answers gave me some good insight where to look and it’s helped enromously.

    An answer to your question and some follow ups.

    I did try changing the tagline in Options and it changes it in both places. Obviously I need to dig deep to change it in only one location.

    I changed something badly in the links int he header. The second link, “about” I managed to do properly, it now links to a page. I tried changing the “home” link to just link to the main page and it’s adding the link and the characters “%20” appear at the end of the url, making invalid. Any idea what I might have done wrong or what that strong should really look like (if my home url is

    Thanks again podz. Your help was enormous. I appreciate your time.


    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I’ve been through, in a very cursory manner, the codex. It’s a lot of information which, for the beginner such as myself, makes it very difficult to find specific answers. An analogy. If your kid asks you for your information for a report on “Dams In Egypt” and you hand them a Britannica, certainly the answers are there. But they could spend weeks finding it. If you hand them a Britannica and suggest that they look up “Aswan Dam” in the A book, that gives them a firm starting point and if they cannot answer it themselves from then on, well, perhaps they’re lazy. I’m lazy, in that I don’t care to unlock all the mysteries of CSS. I just want to get some insight on where some of the basic stuff is altered. My skills lie in other areas.

    But thank you, very much, for the suggestion. I do and will continue to use the Codex as a resource.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The tagline – you can’t only change it in one place. What you’ll need to do is find the line <?php bloginfo('description'); ?>, delete just that and write what you would like.
    Can you edit that link and remove the / and the ” ?

    Thanks podz. Yes, the extra characters in the code were the ones adding the %20, and making it a non-valid url. I deleted them and it works perfectly. I’ll look into the other thing, changing the description line now.

    I’ve updated some of the graphics and colors (thanks to your suggestions). I’m getting closer to it being a more personalized site. Not that I don’t like the Connections theme. It’s an actual theme I just hate using all the stock graphics.

    Thanks again for your excellent help.

    Russell, I’m on a mac as well. There is no reason that WP pages wouldn’t work in a specific browser, as they are very similar to pages. There may be some problems with the theme. You mentioned they didn’t work properly… mind explaining what the problem was, if it’s fixed now, etc. I noticed you don’t have any pages yet..

    Also, the navbar at the top can probably be edited in the header.php file. I might suggest you change the text color for the header text.

    Your changes to Connections are looking great, and the content is fascinating. Keep it up 😉

    > -Does anyone know why Mac OSX 10.2’s Safari does not load WordPress pages properly?

    I like the overall look of your site, despite its failure to render properly in konqueror on linux.

    I haven´t had any problem with safari or any khtml engine based browsers rendering properly formatted WP pages. I regularly validate all of my pages on some 25-30 browsers/versions including safari, omniweb, konqueror, etc.

    I recommend that you click on your own Valid XHTML link on your home page and start by correcting the current errors to see if it doesn’t start displaying correctly once it’s formatted correctly.

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