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  • I’ve been using s2Member for a short while now and have a number of questions which I was hoping somebody could answer for me. Mostly they relate to how s2Member handles recurring payments. I guess it makes sense to answer them all in one topic rather than create a different topic for each question.

    Here goes…

    (By the way, thanks in advance to anybody who takes the time to respond)

    Q1: I understand that if a recurring payment has already been created, I can manually change a user’s role between s2Member levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 without having any impact on their payments. I noticed that if I change a user’s role to one of the default WordPress roles such as admin, editor, author, contributor etc, that the Paid Subscription ID remains in their user profile. Does this mean that recurring payments will continue to take place even though they are not assigned an s2Member role?

    Q2: My understanding is that I can cancel a user’s recurring payments by simply deleting the Paid Subscription ID from their WordPress profile. Is this correct?

    Q3: What happens if I manually change a user’s role to s2Member level 0 but leave the Paid Subscription ID in place? Will recurring payments still be taken for that user?

    Q4. If I manually delete a Paid Subscription ID from WordPress, will PayPal be notified immediately? Will PayPal show that the recurring payment has been cancelled?

    Q5. Prior to a subsequent recurring payment being taken from a user’s bank account, does that user receive any form of notification?

    Q6. If a user is removed from a child blog, is their recurring payment cancelled? I added a MU plugin to remove the Paid Subscription ID from the database, is this wise?

    Q7. For s2Members level 1, 2, 3 and 4, if a user reaches their EOT, I currently have s2member configured so that they are automatically demoted to s2Member level 0. What happens if somebody who is assigned one of the default WordPress roles (such as admin, editor, author, contributor) reaches their EOT? Are they demoted to s2 level 0, or do they keep their WordPress role?

    Q8. The s2 dashboard allows you to add multiple email addresses to be notified when a new user registers. Is it possible (via s2member rather than PayPal) to notify admins when a free subscriber upgrades to level 1, and when a level 1 user cancels their subscription and an EOT is set.

    Q9: What happens if you have to restore the database from an earlier backup, and some of your members’ Paid Subscription ID’s are lost in the process?

    Q10: If restoring the database means that some recurring payments are lost, will copying and pasting the Paid Subscription ID’s from PayPal into WordPress enable recurring payments to continue as normal?

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