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  • Olivia


    I am seriously looking for a way to have more flexibility with templates. It looks like, however, solutions I have fond require editing of templates and creating new, which I do not know how to do.

    Does your plugin require for users to edit any .php files, i.e. creating more templates and such?

    I’d appreciate you answer.

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  • Plugin Author Gezim Basha


    I am sorry for the late reply.

    Unfortunately, yes, this plugin requires creating .php files.

    But let me know what kind of flexibility do you have in mind, so I can try to help you? Do you want to be able to remove certain widgets or something like that?



    Thank you for your response.

    What I would like to do is make certain posts full-width, without the side bar. I have an eBook, a work in progress, which I want to show in full-width, because each chapter tends to be long. I set the format as “Single Column” when I published them, but over time, they switched back to 2 columns. I don’t know why.

    I also have a graphic resource page that only has some diagrams and tables, which I want to be a full-wodth.

    I want to make a video gallery page full-with too.

    I was hoping that there was a way to change the format from the reading page, if the reader prefers to read it in a full page, but it seems to be a fantasy at this point. For now, I installed a Readability plug in.

    Anyway, I am reading Category Template codex, and having some headaches. I will need a major learning sessions for this one.
    Whatever you can help me with, I’d appreciate it. Or, you can direct me to a good tutorial site or some thing, but has to be for non-geeks though.

    Here is my blog:


    Plugin Author Gezim Basha


    Well, most of the things you’re talking about should be do-able within the dashboard (as in no editing .php files needed).

    As for the reading in full screen, yeah that might be a bit difficult to achieve.

    Your theme appears to have multiple Post Templates, and you should be able to select “Single Column” for pages. Are you sure you haven’t edited them back?

    Maybe some plugin or something is interfering with the modifications. It is difficult to say without being able to analyze the site first-hand. I’m sorry 🙁

    Try to create a new page with the Single Column template selected and see what happens?



    Thank you for the reply.

    I have 5 posts under the category which I posted with single column. I did not touch them, but they all turned back to 2 columns. I tried to change it back, but did not happen. Now, I am afraid that I will mess up the links if I change places. I don’t want to publish test posts because my subscribers get e-mail every time I do. I will need to ask the support for the plugin to turn it off temporarily. . . . so I am stuck. LOL. I am going to have to leave them alone for now. It will be a book, so then, I can have them separately.

    I don’t understand how the category works. I thought I did, but not any more. I posted them under certain category, but there seem to be 2 posts (regular and category) with different links for each automatically. Under category, one of the video plugins did not work, while it was working on the normal post.

    Anyway, that is the story. I don’t expect you to give me any answer for them, of course.

    I may need to hire someone to fix this and other issues, like the supported video embed not working, to list a couple. Plugins often do not behave correctly LOL.

    But, I thank you so much for trying to help me. When I figure out how to edit template, I will try your plug in.


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