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  • There’s a ghost page showing up in my google analytics on my dashboard. This is the second time I’ve seen this. I would not advise clicking on these sites but It’s showing up under “top pages” as “” and then showing “” as the “top referrer”. I’m not educated in website development or anything. I put together my own website on my iPad and understand a few basic things but I’m not knowledgeable enough to deal with being hacked. I’ve tried running a scan through security site check which came up with no errors or signs of malware. Any insight would be appreciated.

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  • because?

    – the pages have no common content, i get that refferred visit about twice daily on several unrelated sites of clients. the sites are even in different languages and none is related to russia at all.
    – i have been getting these hits for about a week or two now

    – because we do not need to give the spammer any additional exposure… at least we shouldnt post plain links which will be reindexed by google-bots etc.
    – however the link and campaign IDs may be helpful to find out more potentially!

    My website –
    I help people find legitimate survey sites. Moscow shows up as well on the cities page of Analytics. There are two visits from this referrer and it just started this week. I’ve never had this happen before. Is there anything more I can do to help?

    @fraenk and @roughneck.jon and @anyone else: Is the only city you see for these visits Moscow? Other have posted there’s two cities: Moscow and Samara, both in Russia, anyone else get the visit from Samara? Or another city?

    @fraenk Thanks for answering Thijs question for me, i couldn’t have said it better.

    I’ve only seen Moscow so far.

    @arnie_green same for me, all co.lumb visits have been from either Moscow or “Samara Oblast”. The first hit appeared isolated on Dec 2, since Dec 6 they are visiting once or twice on all 5 sites I checked!

    Also: HOW do they manage to create those pageviews with the title attribute “co.lumb”?

    The only way i can think of how this would be possible is to actually trigger the analytics.js with “fake” tracking-information but our UA codes.

    Now I also wonder if the hits ever even reached our sites or if only the analytics script has been triggered completely unrelated to our sites.

    This however would imply that the co.lumb pageviews should appear on all kinds of sites, not just WP. But then google should be full of results about it, it isnt.

    All sites i am maintaining are tracking with “Google Analytics by Yoast”. What are you all using? Yoast too? Maybe that’s the “attack route”?

    I’m using the SEO plugin from Yoast.

    Hi, an explanation that I found is at

    The interesting one is that I didn’t know is ‘Internet background noise’

    Also have the same problem with this “forum” link.. On serveral sites i’m running.
    I think it’s in combination with the ip:
    Check if you have any trouble with this ip.
    More information
    Its strange but the combination shows up every time.

    I also have this showing up with two hits on several of my domains. And yes I have Yoast SEO on both of these sites too.

    I have one session from Samara also and the other from Moscow.

    People, don’t click eremcee’s link.
    I would still like to get more information, but this apparently seems like a group of russian hackers who are collecting and organizing data by triggering analytics and then collecting their own analytics and ip addresses from people who visit the darodar forum thread number related to the website/webpage they triggered and then redirecting to amazon with a referral link. I’m sure there’s more to it.

    The OS version used in my analytics is Linux i686, which I think is Arch Linux, do the rest of you also get this OS version for all the visits?

    @fraenk Its not only wordpress, other types of websites have been visited.

    The strange thing about all this (i also have had visitors this week from samara oblast (1) and moscow (3 but seems to be tyhe same))…
    I have made by accident two accounts on GA for my single website, on one of the two the “following ID number” doesn’t match with the website so i usually don’t have any visitors registrated on this GA account but the russian visits appear!
    They appear on both GA accounts, this is what made me curious (and anxious) about these visits.
    I don’t sell anything on my website, it’s just a portfolio but still…

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