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  • There’s a ghost page showing up in my google analytics on my dashboard. This is the second time I’ve seen this. I would not advise clicking on these sites but It’s showing up under “top pages” as “” and then showing “” as the “top referrer”. I’m not educated in website development or anything. I put together my own website on my iPad and understand a few basic things but I’m not knowledgeable enough to deal with being hacked. I’ve tried running a scan through security site check which came up with no errors or signs of malware. Any insight would be appreciated.

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  • Experiencing the same. Any insights would be really helpful!

    i’ve the same behavior on my site. The URL i have is:

    I also noticed this yesterday when checking Analytics and it said the visit was from Russia. That link takes me to some deal extreme page. I’d like some insight as well if anyone has any.

    Aside from roughneck.jon I’ve recieved emails from two other WordPress site owners who are reporting the same thing.

    platschi wrote:

    Experiencing the same. Any insights would be really helpful!


    thomasleber wrote:

    i’ve the same behavior on my site. The URL i have is:

    I hope someone with experience on this matter will chime in.

    I’m getting the exact same thing – twice actually. A supposed page “Co.lumb”, which I did click on <stupid> and just has a bunch of buttons with links to other things. It come from top referrer AND like you, Russia did show up.

    What should we do?? Ideas anyone? :-/

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    There is nothing to be done. It’s referrer spam. You can simply ignore it. It doesn’t affect your site or rankings in any real way.

    Thanks for the prompt response. That definitely makes me feel better to know it’s just harmless.

    I disagree, I would not say it’s harmless.
    Has anyone who is getting these visits have any mention of russian cities or photos of russian cities or any other keywords which might be related to that on their website? What is the content of your sites? Can you post some more information about your websites, and/or links to your websites so I can review them.

    My website has nothing to do with anything Russian at all. I’m based in Hawaii and offer guided shoreline fishing excursions.

    Was there just one visit or is it a returning visitor?
    Is the only referrer? or was there another?
    I also have this visitor and I have been researching it to try to find out who or what they are.
    Seems that each website gets referred by a different forum number, each forum link is a subdomain and probably has analytics installed on it. So if you visit the link, I imagine your analytics details will be recorded together with your website. Still researching this though.

    To the people who posted in this thread: Please post as much info as possible about your individual experiences with these visits and your website links if you are willing.

    co.lumb pages show up on my analytics as well. really puzzled on how this happens but i suspect that my blog is being visited in an iframe through co.lumb…

    i have no idea but it worries me a bit!

    One more thing: Are all the visits coming from Russia?
    If so, what city? If not, then please post the location.
    I hope we can figure this thing out.

    Hello from Portugal!
    I have also a hit from and register 2 users from Russia (not expected at all!). I’ve cliked on it and it sent me to an AMAZON page: amazon affiliate link removed

    same here:
    visiting my site:
    from Russia, Moscow according to analytics, via
    link goes to: amazon affiliate link removed

    People, please don’t click the amazon links posted above. And don’t post them.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 125 total)
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