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  • Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a template/theme which would fit with my website’s topic. That is – floor, ceramics, bathroom equipment, that sort of things. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!


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  • You will have to look around at the themes site:

    I don’t know how you wish for the theme to match your topic, but, I would suggest just getting a good looking theme with colors your customers/readers would find non-distracting. Then make it look like bathroom equipment via your content: text and images.

    Perhaps you were thinking of a theme with a bunch of tile-looking patterns? Or water-looking? Both exist, but again: see advice in 1st paragraph. Just choose readable & good-looking, not an imitation-bathroom-theme.

    One more thing, regardless of what theme you choose you can take away the “bloggish” elements like Date archives, and Commenting, by removing it from the theme — if you want to, and if you don’t mind learning how to hack the theme. It’s not very hard to take parts away from a theme.

    good luck getting started

    And the basic 🙂
    Never forget to search:

    You will need to download a theme that fits what you want in a site and then edit the files (under your WP admin screen go to presentation and then theme-editor and choose the file you wish to edit). That is what I have done here

    (under your WP admin screen go to presentation and then theme-editor and choose the file you wish to edit)

    Don’t do that ever, unless you need to edit a small typo!
    There is no UNDO button and making the files writable you leave your blog open and vulnerable.

    Edit your code on your computer in a plain text editor and upload the files. Of course, alwasy keep a backup copy just in case…

    moshu thanks for teaching me something I did not know. I’m wondering, though, how the theme-editor leaves files writable? does the theme editor change the permissions for the theme files? I always edit my themes through the theme editor and it has never changed the write permissions to my files, I just double checked.

    assuming your account has the ability to change permissions, you can do this with your ftp editor (right click usually) for individual files.

    You can also do this through the command line. But yes, every time you change a theme, you are dealing with completely separate files. One idea is to have the webhosting company use access lists to impose permissions on the wp-content directory.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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