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  1. fuzzy_logic
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Just as I thought Alex's Theme Competition has attracted all the nice looking WP designs out there, I came across this site powered by WordPress. I really like the design and it's a shame that the author didn't release it as a theme.

  2. Dydric
    Posted 11 years ago #

    it looks very nice!

    I dont know if it is wordpress (but it are (we)blogs.... =) ) but I checked the latest updates @ styleboost.com:
    2 great html/css sites which gave me also a lot of inspiration:
    http://www.joshuaink.com/ & http://coda.co.za/ (and don't forget: http://www.thebignoob.com/ which i posted a few weeks ago)....

  3. Pplproof
    Posted 11 years ago #

    fuzzy_logic - I came across that one the other day on Stylegala.com... It's phenomenal! Just the sort of theme I'd come up with if I knew how to make a theme. ;)

    Dydric - Joshuaink is a great site as well; very clean and professional, yet "beautiful" enough to make you stop and stare in between articles. Regarding the Big Noob / Neubix, I was actually supposed to have a site designed by them once upon a time. :( If anyone's looking for a design shop that's easy to work with and relatively afforadable, I'd recommend Neubix to them in a heartbeat.

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