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  • A very nice theme but a little more customisation is required. Site tagline is required. Menu bar is smaller (but very nice for chinese version). Footer needs customisation. It is fixed. I liked colour combination and side bar.

    Overall it is very nice. I’ll say very good. I’ll use it when it can be more customised. Go Ahead Author! 🙂

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  • Theme Author zenoven


    Hi aj.bozdar,

    The site tagline is hidden before you move your mouse to the site name.

    I also considered about the customization in the footer widget and I’ll make it in the future.And part of features I am planning are as listed below:

    • custom logo,custom background,custom main color(for now it is green)
    • fully customizable footer widget
    • custom sidebar to the left side(for now it’s fixed to right)

    As to now I need to make the theme stable,find and fix bugs as fast as I can for it’s a new theme


    That’s why I rated your theme with 5 star because it is really very nice. Existing colour combination is wonderful. I liked your search bar very much. It is at proper position. However I need to keep my menu a little smaller. And thank you very much for clearing abou tagline. I really missed it. My mistake.



    I just saw (in live preview) that tagline appears on hover. In my opinion, if tagline appears permanently at same place and seach bar is also enabled in same row then it’ll be more attractive as well as Menu will get enough space on top.

    Post comments, date and author name are at perfect place. It’ll look more nice if theme can handle “Excerpts” in better way. Right now it shows full image instead of thumbnail. In my opinion, there is no need to show categories and tags.

    Theme Author zenoven


    Hi Abdul,

    I’m very glad to hear comment and suggestions from you.And as you mentioned about the tagline I’m thing about make it as a theme option so that user can set the tagline displayed directly or just hidden as now.As a new born theme I still have many things to make it better.


    Wish you all the best for future success. Your theme is being downloaded rapidly. Congratulations for good work! 🙂

    Looking forward for new updates of zALive.

    Theme Author zenoven


    As to the “Excerpts”, you mean the thumbnail image in list page ? If so I’ll check the thumbnail.

    And “there is no need to show categories and tags.” ? I think we need a place to hold them(for now it’s hidden in the list page and showing in detail page).

    My english really sucks,I typed this reply before you post the last message( about the
    congratulations ),but it’s done just now as I typed too slowly.

    And many thanks to you, Abdul. Now I need to go to sleep as it’s half past two in China.


    I’m a little disappointed in the lack of customization of the header – the slider starts down so far you can only see the top of my photos on logon. That’s a problem. The top menu bar is huge. Also, can’t change the background color, size of anything. Frankly I’m disappointed.

    Theme Author zenoven


    Hi @ International Mel,

    You can switch off the slider in the theme option page for now.

    And as to the customization of the header,that’s also my plan but it needs time,the most important thing I’m working on now is to make the theme stable,find and fix bugs as fast as I can as the theme is quite young and it’s my first public theme.

    Realy happy to hear from you and I will make the theme better.


    Hey Zenovan,

    Nice theme. I just made a child theme and am working on a few things. Can you tell me how to remove the page titles? The usual

    .page .entry-title {
       display: none;

    doesn’t work.

    @boxcandy and anyone else looking for help – this is a Reviews forum – please use the Support forum for support – start your own thread here:

    @international Mel,
    You could easily modify the css/html/php to edit your header. For example, you could create a new <div> for a Logo in your header like this: the following code would go into your style.css (keep it in the #header for obvious reasons…


    And then tie it into the existing class like this:
    this goes in the header.php…

    <div id="header-logo" class="container"><img src="http://your-image-goes-here.png"/><a href=""></a></div></a>

    The above modification would give your primary menu at the top of the page, a header logo below the menu and then your content would follow below the logo. You could obviously modify this to your liking but I did this on my site And you don’t have to worry about it maintaining responsiveness as the developer did a great job with that!

    The possibilities are endless! The developer has provided a great foundation for which we can build upon. The sky is the limit!

    This isnt working for me – -is the code correct ? Help please , ,, the image header looks great on your site .. im really struggling to make it work on mine

    huge thanks

    Please post your modified .css and your header.php code. Or if you wish, I can log into your machine and do it for you. I take security very seriously so I understand if you don’t want me to access your site.

    Hey Phoenix,

    I appreciate the above tip about the header logo. Question: I used this but my header image is BELOW the slider. Is there a way to get it ABOVE the slider images or even at the very top above the menu like your site is. You can view my page at

    Experience level: I have no idea what I’m doing…brand new to wordpress


    Can you attach your style.css and header.php? you could even upload them via my File Sharing site, Just create an account for free and let me know when you have uploaded them. I will make the changes for you.

    Edit: Can you check out
    I have recreated the main parts of your site as you see it on my server with the changes I have made. Let me know what you think

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