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  • Looking for a shopping cart plugin/host, I tried quite a few (Woo, WP E-Commerce, Go Daddy, Volusion). WP EasyCart was by far the easiest to get going.

    While Woo and WP E-Commerce may be more flexible, they are also much harder to set-up. All it takes in EasyCart is some basic CSS knowledge.

    EasyCart’s foundation is rock solid. Things just work the way they are supposed to and the bases are all covered. This foundation is clearly built with an eye on the future, the way the plugin is coded allows for near-limitless flexibility.

    There are some negatives. One is that you do need to add a lot of CSS to get things how you want them. For instance, I didn’t want sorting or manufacturer name to show up on the product page so to get rid of it you have to add custom CSS to not display it. But, in fairness, the other plugins require CSS coding as well AND EasyCart’s great foundation allows for a future update to add a checkbox to each of the options.

    Flexibility is another thing. I would like to see more customization options such as the ability to move Store elements (Name, Price, etc.) around. They are all kind of set in stone at the moment without some heavy CSS. It would be nice to have more flexibility in the checkout pages, such as choosing fields to use, adding custom fields, even customizing the checkout process would be nice. Again, all of this functionality could be done in the future with the foundation they’ve created.

    My last major gripe is with the cart layout. They used tables to style the cart which works for desktop, however, smaller devices it all falls apart where the product image falls behind the description and pushes things out of alignment. I solved this with media queries and JQuery which hides the image on mobile devices and changes the ‘colspan’ property from 3 to 2. Here, custom layouts would be a nice feature, and once again, the capability is already in their code.

    That said, their support is excellent. They genuinely want to make this product the best WP Cart plugin and they know feedback from the customer is how to do it. Two of my earlier issues made it into recent updates, proof that they care about my opinion and my business.

    I highly recommend this plugin. Is it perfect? No, but a shopping cart is an extremely complex programming task. For a lot of users, this plugin will be the perfect solution, easy to use right out of the box. For others, it may take a little coding. But I have no doubt when these guys are finished, this will be the top shopping cart plugin for WordPress.

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