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  • The 46664 Bangle. We raise funds, create jobs, build skills and spread the message of HIV AIDS prevention and social responsibility … all in support of the 46664 Campaign of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Since we rely on word of mouth referrals and search engines, we need our page to look captivating. Please help critique it! And btw how on earth do we change the font colour of our photo captions … Thank you.

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  • It is a rather polished-looking site; the color choices and composition of the contents really make the content within stand out.

    RE: Font color of the photo captions

    Do you mean the orange text?

    Look in your CSS stylesheet (style.css) in your theme folder and look for this selector: .orange

    The .orange is what styles the color and probably placement of your orange-fonted photo captions.

    Hi EMG, thanks for your response and comments.

    Re the color of the photo captions, I didn’t mean the organge text, I meant the “invisible” text at the bottom of some of the photo frames. An example is here where there’s a caption in the white space under the photo of Nelson Mandela, but it’s not visible.

    If you double click and highlight the blank white photo frame at the bottom, the caption text shows up (Photo: AFP/Getty). I couldn’t work out why none of my photo captions were visible, then I realized it must be because the caption text is white font, sitting on white frame, i.e. invisible.

    I’ve stopped using photo captions because I can’t see them, but I’d love to know how to fix it…

    Thanks again,

    I like the color scheme of this one. The black and orange background goes well with the gold colored bangles. Don’t know how to change the captions.

    Website is down?

    The site is working fine for me, and looks great. It is quite eye catching and you are drawn to the important information right away.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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