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  • Hi you all.
    I’m running since 2001 and this site is all plain html. That made me update the “blog” file manualy (ftp) everytime I wanted to update my site. Well, I’ve installed WP and cleaned all the possible tags (to me php is something like, I dont know, chinese?) and now, using only index.php I’m updating from the wp-admin interface.

    Please, take a look at it and give me your opinion.
    Pedro Rebelo

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  • Pleeeeaaaaassseeee?

    it’s really nice. i’m guessing the only wp part of your website is just the blog area?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    maybe if it was a little wider? It seems like an awful lot of background space. I’m also not crazy over the i-frame in the middle.

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but when I increase the text size in my browser so I can read it, the layout falls apart. I’m using Firefox on a win2k system at 1024×768.

    Yes Graybeard. If you increase font size 2x (In Firefox) the design will change (The iframe will float for the right) but that’s something very difficult to avoid dont you think? Try to increase text size 2x in your site and look for the menu you have at left and try to read the bottom itens.

    Yes lawtai, that’s the only WP content in the site.
    I think I’ll try to adapt the archives and the search form to the site layout but i really dont know if I’ll be abble to do it as I dont know nothing about php…

    One thing that I’ve noted is that since yesterday had a lot of visitors (more than 100) from but I had very few comments in here or even in the contact form from the site. If you dont want to comment the way I use WP, ok, but you may comment the site in general…

    By the way, any ideas how to access monthly archives in Browserd’s layout?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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