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  • Hi,

    You have not answered to anybody since one year ?

    Are you preparing a new version and have no time at all to answer or did you abandon this plugin ?

    For my own I have developed, if I remember well, 10 new shortcodes which are running on my patched version (it run on 4.8, the shortcodes could be introduced into a new version).

    Best regards

    note :
    most of dysfunctions that I met and for which I sent a message were coming from external causes (true and complex). I have nothing wrong into the product for now, just needs and proposal of some functionalities extensions, and into again shortcodes which I can develop very quickly.
    But at a moment there will be surely a true important maintenance to perform

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  • Hello Trebly,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but you used my plugin in the past, and at the time I wasn’t able to dedicate myself. However, there has been a lot of recent changes since then.

    Currently, it seems like this plugin may be in limbo. Like many other WP Plugin Devs, a lot of heart and work go into these plugins with little to nothing in return. Before I worked on mine, I actually used W4Post until I came across a plugin that was being abandoned and then I implemented the same concept. I’ve also endorsed this plugin on various occasions as sort of a co-operative effort & competition, and mix things up in the WP community. Recent conversation though, I would hope he continues, but some big pushes can leave us disheartened.

    If anything, give the developer time, and it doesn’t hurt to support & help him out as well. Might even turn into a good incentive.

    Meanwhile, going through some of the old threads with my plugin, I noticed you made a recent post here, and wanted to drop a comment. Out of respect for the author, I decided to reserve mentioning or linking my plugin.

    However, I do welcome you to try my plugin. I’m also currently developing 0.4 ( which you may or may not have noticed ) that offers even more improvements. 0.3’s Internal Shortcode API was also improved not too long ago as well. For now, I’m just going to have to resort to the WP way, and ask that you find it from my WP Profile.

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