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  • I just switched over after being a long time Movable Type user, and here’s a couple of newbie impressions that I have.

    2 areas where I liked MT better were:

    I like being able to browse through all my posts easily. As far as I can tell, in WP I can only see the last 15 and past that I have to browse by the month.

    Second, I really would like to be able to click on a category in the management screen and see all the entries in that category. I kept seeing one entry in “uncategorized” and could not for the life of me figure out what it was since nothing showed up on my web page if I browsed that category. I eventually realized it was a Page I created. Doh!

    I’ve been tempted to go back to MT since I know it and I haven’t been able to replicate my old page exaclty (or the plugins I had), but I’m sticking with WP, because:
    There are other things I like better about it
    I will probably grow to like it even more over time
    I like that it’s open source and produces valid code!
    I just “feel” better about it. 1.5 rocks! I’d tried earlier versions and they just couldn’t pull me away form MT.

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  • My plugin does both of those things and a bit more, and I’m working on a code submission that will add these features to the WordPress core for Pages, Posts, and Comments (there’s currently another plugin for the comments part). Just FYI.

    Your first link doesn’t link to anywhere! I’m doing a dearch now to try and find the plugin you mentioned! I installed the second one though!

    Excellent! Just what I wanted. Thanks!

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