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  • Please note that I am not sure where this belongs. I am not spamming or advertising – or trying to – and I am not asking for help. I currently do not have a site running this, how ever I am developing it and would appreciate WordPress community feedback in terms of people testing and finding bugs, perhaps maybe contributing and giving quality feed back and criticism

    This is still in development stages but is far enough along, and stable enough to use in development environments.

    If a mod knows of a better place for this, please move to that spot.

    I would like to announce Aisis

    Aisis is a theme framework that is aimed at developers and designers to create rich and engaging dynamic child themes. We give you access to every hook, pluggable function, class and peice of API that we crated.

    The only thing you need to do is require or include our functions.php into your child themes function.php and you have a everything of ours.

    It’s that simple.

    Aisis is still in development, It is 100% free and is hosted on github. We have a tone of features that are outlined in the announcement post.

    some of these include:

    • Aisis Packages – Packages are used to build on to, extend or add functionality to Aisis.
    • Aisis Templates, Modules and Hooks for content and default content
    • Aisis Loaders for easy loading
    • Clean and crisp documentation
    • 100% responsive – This frame work comes responsive out of the box

    Aisis comes ready to use as either a framework to be used to develop child themes and packages (Think Zend Framework) or as a theme its self with basic options to change the core functionality of the theme its self.

    Aisis comes packed with (or will – still in development) widgets, custom post types and taxononimies, pluggable functions, hooks for default content, templates, modules and much more…

    Aisis Currently comes packed with widget abilities for sidebar, footer and the navigation.

    Aisis is inspired by Zend Framework in terms of its core package called Aisis Core which contains all the logic of the site its self, from rendering out the templates for the front end theme and the modules for the admin panel side.

    Aisis allows you to change everything about it, from the blog title to the admin panel and everything in between – we give you the tools to build what you want and how you want with out getting in your way.

    The purpose of this post was to announce the development of Aisis. To announce to the community that I would like your feedback, your input, your criticism, your patches, your contributions and your thoughts and criticisms on Aisis.

    Aisis is designed to be a revolution in how theme and theme development is done. Its meant to be used how you want – while providing the tools you want and need to build child themes and to get out of your way.

    Check out Aisis Now

    If your on github, you can see the code under: Development Branch

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