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A new theme for you guys.

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  • That is extremely generous on your part, thitipatn! Thank you!
    One quick question: on the test site, you can toggle between dark and light themes. Is that something that is built into the package you have released too?

    edit: never mind, just found out that it is

    thitipatn, how do you get the item description in your popup comment box? I got rid of the exif info and wish to display only the image description. Thanks in advance.

    edit: sorry, I just found the info on your site.

    Just create a custom field called “info” and right the content in there. However, to eliminate the exif table all together, you need to edit the popup-comments.php file and delete it manually.


    Thank you so very much. I was only a few hours away from abandoning WP altogether in search of a more friendly photoblogging tool when you posted this. Talk about timing!

    I do have a question about the archive though. What does my permalink structure have to be and what do I have to name the page in order for it to be linked in the header? I’ve tried a combination of things and always get a 404.

    I’m looking forward to styling your theme this weekend. I can’t thank you enough.

    Perhaps the powers that be could look at incorporating a little more photoblog friendly functions into WordPress as it is lagging behind most of the other blogging scripts in that department. I’m a diehard WP user but was forced to consider alternatives. I encourage you to add to the codex Pat – the photoblog section is pretty limited.

    Thanks again!

    Khun Thitipat,

    Khrap Khun Mak Khop Khrap Phom…

    Sawadee khrap


    I have the same question about Archives as NorthernPassages. I can’t seem to get my test working either.

    One more question: How can I set the default style to be dark?

    The trick to my archive is that I setup a category called “All Entries” then I point the default archive page there. So the permalink will be just like when you call up a category.

    NorthernPassages: Your blog looks very nice!

    Neon: Just edit the header, make sure the first CSS file is the one you want it to be as a default. However, after you switch to a color, the blog will create a cookie on your computer and remember your last color. So the default is pretty much usable only at the first visit.

    thitipatn, how do you “point the default archive page” at that category? Sorry and thank you.

    I figured out what you meant by “point page” at category.


    I am having trouble with the archive links also. I set up the category, made it the default, and it still comes up 404’d….what could I be missing?

    So do i.. any help?

    When you set up the new category, make sure to give it that slug – “all-entries”. Then, make sure that all your posts/entries are entered (checked) in that category too, in addition to the category you want that post to appear in.

    so, to recap:
    1. Create master archive category, call it anything, like “Archives”
    2. in Category Slug field enter “all-entries”
    3. for every post, check the box of the category you want that post to appear in AND the box of the “Archives” category.

    Not working for me Neon :S

    The archive is not showing the thumbs :S

    Any help?

    step #3. – When writing a new post, use the main “Postâ€? field to post main upload photos and use the “Excerptâ€? field to post thumbnails.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)
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