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  • I’ve done a lot of searching, and I haven’t managed to come up with any solutions or even a similar description of my issue just yet.

    When I go into the theme editor (or, as it turns out, the widget editor has this same issue) whenever I click on one of the files in the list to the left, it acts like it’s reloading to load that file in the editor– and then it shows me the first file again. It’s permanantly stuck on “style.css”. My permissions are all set correctly, I promise. I’ve also emptied my cashe, and rebooted my computer. In addition, I don’t have Theme switcher or any other theme plugins installed, and I haven’t had them installed at all on this current installation/database.

    I can obviously edit the files manually, and forgo the theme editor, but I’ve been having a lot of issues with WordPress installations (thus the downgrade back to 2.1 from 2.3 for a completely seperate issue.)

    I love WordPress as a designer, and I actually understand theming and how it’s all supposed to work. I’d love to use it, but I’ll admit the slew of technical issues is a bit daunting….

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts~

    EDIT: In addition, I’ve tried three different browsers, to make sure it wasn’t some kind of browser issue (I generally use Safari on OSX).

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  • Well, I’ve removed all my plugins, though I only had six or so (including the ones that came with the original install) And the problem magically dissapeared. I’ve been adding them back in and implimenting them one by one, and then testing- so far, I haven’t managed to recreate the issue.

    If I do ever figure out which plugin it was, I’ll post back here.

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