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  • Hi all i am relatively new to the wordpress world but in my younger days i use to work in online marketing. I have been trying to work on creating a design website related to fashion and mainly to retail jewelry sales for a retail store i own in new York. I was hoping you guys could take a look at the site and although it is not complete i would truly appreciate any input on design, theme and plugins that i have added. any suggestions or ideas for what would be nice to have on a site such as this would be greatly appreciated. I am also working on an article section and verious tools for jewelers in this website.
    Goldis Jewelry The NY House of Jewellry

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  • It looks really good.
    It is a great focus on the products. Big and colorful pictures contrast well with the background.

    What you could do is maybe resize that product boxes on the bottom. You have lots of unused space around the pictures. Maybe you could show more products on the first page.

    And another thing, the sub-menu colors are not the best choice. Black on dark grey is not ok. Maybe change to the same color as the main menu.

    Please tell me what ecommerce plugin are you usin? It looks great.
    And what plugin you used for the home page product slider?

    Very good looking product flypage.
    It is easy to use and functional, straight to the point.

    Overall i think it is a good website, not flashy, but professional looking.

    Thanks yeah i should really change the color of those submenues because they are a little grim. as for the plugins Its actually a compilation of some of my own coding and various plugins. I use some plugins like comment luv and a cache plugin to speed up the site. oh yeah and the rating plugin is particularly helpful but i’m debating weather it slows down my site or not and if i really need it. Anyway any other suggestions as to things to include or things to exclude? i just changed the sliders so tell me if that is obscene or if you like the images or not.
    Any suggestions from around the wordpress community are welcomed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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