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  • Afternoon to all WordPress supporters,

    I’ve recently setup a wordpress account to advance from my succesful blog but unfortunately have come across a few hiccups along the way. I’ve listed them for your reading below

    – I cannot get my Google Friend follow widget to work. Basically my Googlefriend address is and currently has over 800 followers on it as you can see on my original blog. How do I transfer this widget over to my new wordpress blog and keep all of my original followers?

    – I cannot get my RSS feed to work for both websites. Obviously my original Blog (hosted on blogger) has it’s own RSS feed but I’m wanting to merge the two together so anything which is posted on the wordpress website will display in “Google Reader” of all of my followers. Ideally in Google Reader whenever a post is made on the Blogger blog it appears but how do I add it so that when a post is made on my WordPress blog it is displayed on the same feed? (I don’t think I even make much sense!) My understanding of RSS is weak so please easy language!

    – My adsense adverts are just coming up Yellow blocks on the WordPress blog. I’ve added my adsense PUB but still nothing is displayed.

    – I’ve used Page Break views in blogger on many of my posts. I’ve somehow managed to transfer the posts from my blogger blog to the wordpress blog. Unfortunately when I click read more on the WordPress blog it redirects me to the blogger blog post. Anything I can do here or do I have to manually edit the HTML on each post?

    I’ve probably missed a few things off but i’ll post more queries.

    WordPress Blog URL:
    Blogger Blog URL:

    In Conclusion,

    I’m transfering my blogger blog to wordpress. I believe my WordPress blog with the current theme attached looks 100 times better and I’m sure shall perform better. All I’m looking for is for everything to be transfered overly correctly. This includes all links, adverts, google friend, everything you see on my original blogger blog to be on the WordPress blog.

    PS – You can probably tell that I’m quite frustrated with all of this! If there is ideally too much to do contact me via this and send me a private message so we can talk about if it possible to pay a “professional” to sort all of this mess out. Please though no beginners of people who “think” they know what they are doing.

    Thanks again for reading!

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