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  • Some of your pictures are taken in very strange light. The second one (at this moment) looks really quite horrible due to the colouring.

    The pictures don’t make me want to click through to see what the recipe is because they look so unappetising.

    tnx a lot for ur reply ..i’m gonna photoshop them all..

    Have to agree with the suggestion to standardize the lighting for the photos. I know there are my blog posts about best practice for taking photos of food.

    My other suggestion would be to provide something other than photos of food on the homepage. Something that allows the user to reveal why they are visiting your site so that you can tailor their experience to suit their need.

    “Why are you here today?”
    – To search for a recipe – Provide the search
    – to browse highly rated recipies – provide that
    – to comment –

    ty sharing for ur reply.. well the highly rated recipes will be on the right side on widgets , and the search bar is already there.i have a facebook social plugin for comments on every post..

    well im sure u adviced something else and i get ur point but at the momment i think having those things in the right side is better

    Also, what is the big yellow box on the right side of the header – I’m guessing an advertising placeholder, but why show it if there are no ads there?

    there are ads there.. I dont know why u dont see them..never heard this before

    I am with @johnpope. The web is fine, the photos aren’t.

    If you don’t want to pay someone to take the photos for you, pay attention to light. The BEST (only) light you could try is daylight. Let the sunshine in and take your photos in the morning beside a window. If the light comes in from the side, better in order to enhance the volume. Place a cardboard wrapped in tinfoil to the other side to reflect light. You’re clearly using artificial light and that’s why most of them are yellow. Also, if you’re still having funny illumination colors, you will notice because your dishes will not be white (and should be, greish in fact). In that case correct your white balance in any photo editing software. Pay attention to the framing of the photo. Close ups are great for food, but be sure to focus your subject correctly. Also, try and not take the pictures directly from the top, it makes the dish flat. Instead, point the camera as if it was your eyes and you were about to eat.

    😉 hope it helps!

    And oh! When clicked through, the single page should display a bigger image of the food. Go on and show of your food with big images! People who visit your site want to be able to see :).

    Thnx a lot bea cabrera!
    Yeah the problem is that the mornings im not at home and im working ..
    So i got free time to cook in evenings so im using artificial light 🙂
    But i started to use photoshop levels to edit my photos and i’ll start to take more beautiful pictures..Im still a newbiew but i’ll try my best.

    Have a nice day!

    I have a friend that started of a cupcake online business without knowing anything about photography. And now she’s taking some seriously good pictures! I can tell you all those photographs are hers and she just uses natural light and home-made reflectors!!

    Perhaps you should consider shooting on weekends if the food can wait in the fridge or buying a Softbox (or constructing one yourself:


    oh cool , really good and yummy job from ur friend !!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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