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  • I know many speak about this
    but is there any hope that in the near future there will be a new blogger importer in wordpress ??
    Already the new blogger is not in beta anymore
    I know many people who want to leave blogger now before tomorrow but unfortunately they got stuck in the stupid new blogger thing
    Yes there are other ways ,but they are not effective like the built in importer in wordpress

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  • Might want to put in a ticket at trac with this request. Use your same login/password you used for the Forum:

    I know this post is in the Requests/Feedback forum but more developers will see your request there I’d guess.

    well thanks I will do it and I hope some developer will see it 🙂

    I see you did report that. Good Luck.

    Here’s the solution.

    Worked for me quite well. When he writes “run” the script he means that once you’ve upoaded the script to your main WordPress folder (probably public_html folder) you then type in you blog URL with /blogger-beta-import.php into your browser. The script then runs (it is the sweetest sight to behold)

    I had to run mine twice to get all the posts (after the first run I deleted the posts that had already been imported)

    Anyhow, it works fantastically.

    * Please note Ady (the creator) says to delete the script immediately after running it for security reasons.

    ** Thank you Ady for creating this solution. Here’s some info on Ady from his website:

    This is the website of Ady Romantika (yes that’s his real name, seriously). Ady spent more than 8 years as a PHP programmer, with a touch of C. He is passionate about Linux and is also a Linux System Administrator. He lives a hectic lifestyle and is now into security area working in an MNC in Cyberjaya.

    Hates using the phone, loves email. Contact Ady via email at ady at romantika dot name and ask him anything. If he can, he’ll help.

    you know if this script works why Ady doesn’t join the developers of wordpress in trac , adding the new script to the wordpress code ,I am not a developer or anything but this can bring benefit to all users especailly those who want to move from new blogger to wordpress

    Because it only imports the RSS of the posts, not the comments or anything else IIRC. It’s a temp workaround.

    Although I agree. It’s better than nothing.

    zeinab: The truth is that the script was written for personal use, and I thought of sharing it to the world. Now it’s a plugin, and I don’t really all plugin developers joining the dev team. Joining the dev team means you have to commit your time to dev work, in which I can’t do right now. 🙁

    drmike: it imports comments as well, it always did. Not only the posts.

    Anyway currently there’s a limit imposed by Blogger, to a max of 500 posts. In WP 2.2 there’s be a much better importer, utilizing Google API. That’ll work better.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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