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  • Hello fellow bloggers,

    My name is William van Nostrand and I and my associates have recently created a blog, We are a group of bloggers dedicated to critique of the modern world, current events, and trends in contemporary culture from a unique and unorthodox angle, as well as discussing ideas such as Radical traditionalism, Third Positionism, National Syndicalism, and non-mainstream political thought.

    We invite you to visit us and leave a few comments. At present, we have only a few articles – but as we are a young blog, we anticipate fast growth in the near future.

    -William van Nostrand
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  • Any suggestions?
    I would like to start off well – get any potential flaws out of the way and make my site accessible and user-friendly above all.

    its well done 🙂
    However if you could use some more features what the magazine themes could offer, then that would be really good. Also, navigation aspect needs to be worked a bit i feel.

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    Not to trouble you too much, but do you know any good “magazine” themes?

    @william van Nostrand, I’m liking the homepage, but the scroll speed is way too fast, in my opinion. Try toning it down a bit. Other than that, more content means more views at this point.

    I’d look into making a links page, I am in the process of doing the same over at my website:

    Since we are posting about similar content, or we will be in the future, I’d love to link to you. It will generate traffic for us both.

    very very good looking blog i wish i will also able to create something like your. Wish you very very success of your blog.

    Fantastic theme with useful contents.

    I think a more rebellious theme (more contrasting colors) would be a lot better. Your theme evokes feelings nothing like what you describe in your text.

    Hello, TimeHealer:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Our theme is still under development, and we are always making changes to make the site more user-friendly, while displaying the right amount of information.

    When we created the site, we felt that a simple theme would be easier for people to navigate. Also, the creators decided that a simple theme is better; we do not feel that our message is necessarily rebellious to begin with.


    More radical traditionalism. I’m personally more from the Guénonian corner than Evola’s. I also have (rather) long articles in one section, that is why I chose for the smallest possible sidebar (and no adds). Yours uses almost half of the screen which would not be my choice. But of course, it would be boring if all websites looked like mine 🙂 And what is the use of the archives link on the bottom that links to back to the index?
    I haven’t really read anything of your website, but I might page through it some time when I have more time.

    Hello, Roy. As I told TimeHealer, the theme is still in development. I personally am still in the stage of learning CSS and PHP scripting to further develop the look of the site. Ads are merely a way of helping me pay for the expenses of hosting the site. I’ll probably take them down as soon as I have recovered my losses.

    We (meaning my fellow bloggers and I) plan to have more “traditionalist” type articles and material in the near future. As our site also integrates cultural and political perspectives (as is the nature of Evola), we anticipate to grow quickly. In any case, you’re welcome any time!

    Thanks for pointing out the archives link error. I’m going to have to fix that later on.

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    Hi William,

    My impression was similar to TimeHealer’s –your site design doesn’t quite suggest “turbulent times” IMO; and it took me a while before I realized that the “Tiger” aspect is (probably?) only reflected in the presence of the colors orange and black…

    My 2c,


    Thanks for the input. “Riding the Tiger” is a reference to a book by Julius Evola, called “Ride the Tiger”. The subtitle is “A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul”.

    I’m mostly involved with the content aspect of the site. One of our coders is actually color blind, so he sees colors different than you or I would. What type of color scheme would you suggest?

    Hi William, I stumble upon your website while browsing through this forum. Amazing what some people can do with wordpress. You definitely have great content and the design and colour scheme chosen are great. I have a suggestion for your header logo which seems to come with a white background. Maybe a png with transparent background will be more appropriate for it. By the way how new is the website?

    Yeah, I’ve been meaning to change that, but other things have gotten in the way.

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